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Mirage III E/BR – HPM 1/72

March 17, 2014 in Aviation

Hi there!
Here is my HPM new tooling Mirage III E representing an aircraft from Brazilian Air Force.
This model got a lot o critics when was released, mostly regarding the deep recessed panel lines, but I really enjoy building it. For me it is much better than the old Heller Mirage IIIE in this scale (without comparison).
The kit has a very good fitting overall and nice and crisp details.
The model was painted in the first (original) scheme as it was received from France, circa 1972.
I have also used the excellent FCM decals, otherwise it was a straight from the box building.
Hope you like what you see!

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14 responses to Mirage III E/BR – HPM 1/72

  1. Really good looking model Paulo.

  2. Paulo,
    Very nicely done. Excellent model.

  3. It’s very neatly done, Paulo, if it wasn’t for the background you would never know it’s 1/72 scale, it could easily pass for 1/48.

  4. Nice Paulo. A very nice build and finish there .
    Well done Paulo.

  5. Here in Brazil there is a popular saying: “When new guys gets to the bus quite soon they want to seat at the side of the window”. Paulo is just like these guys!!! He just get at this forum to show us his great and neat models. Dude you already have your seat just at the side ofthe window hhehehehehhe,
    I wish to see Paulo build a 1/32 scale model. It would be great just like his 1/72 scale models! Nice job mate!

  6. Nice clean build, ‘gotta love those delta wing jets!

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