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Tropical Cowboy...1/48 North American AT-6D Texan, Força Aérea Brasileira

So, here´s already my dad´s next model and third Texan for this year. This is the first edition of the good old Monogram kit, released in 1979. Decals came from FCM, rudder and nose ring are painted. Wings and horizontal tail surfaces [...]

FAB Brazilian Air Force P-47D,Academy 1/48.

Hi Friends, My last work was a P-47D Thunderbolt, with Brazilian markings, used at WWII by FAB ( Brazilian Air Force) to help the allied forces, for combat the german army in italy in 1944. These planes later went to Brazil, and became [...]

Tamiya P-47D 1/48 Brazilian Air Force

Hello, This is a P-47D with Brazilian Air Force WW2 colors. The newly established Brazilian Air Force (1941) sent the 1st Fighter Group as part of an Expeditionary Force, operating under US Forces in Italy, from mid 1944 until the end of [...]

Mirage III E/BR – HPM 1/72

Hi there! Here is my HPM new tooling Mirage III E representing an aircraft from Brazilian Air Force. This model got a lot o critics when was released, mostly regarding the deep recessed panel lines, but I really enjoy building it. For me [...]

P47D-RE25 Brazilian Air Force (Italy 1944) ACADEMY 1/72

Hi there! It's me again! This time with a P47D painted in Brazilian colours during WWII in Italy 1944. The Brazilian 1st Squadron was attached to the American 350th Fighter Group and was based in Tarquinia, Italy. This model was easy to [...]