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Italeri 1/48 MiG-27 Flogger D

April 17, 2014 in Aviation

Third member of the ten buck crew is this beast. Basically a MiG-23 with the exception of the nose and engine intakes, both modified for lower, slower combat. This qualifies as a toy as the wings are engineered to move, so I guess everyone gets a good whack at me.
A combination of engraved and raised panel lines, and not very detailed-some of which is gestural at best. A mix of Model Master enamels, with the exception of the wheel color, which I completely missed. Out of the box except the outer gear door braces, which are copper wire. Original parts born to lose.
Starting to like the idea of these ten dollar jobs…

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17 responses to Italeri 1/48 MiG-27 Flogger D

  1. Again, great paint work! Just wanted to point out that, in the Mig 23/27 family, when the landing gear was extended, the lower vertical surface would tuck to the side providing a better landing angle.

  2. Nothing wrong with moving parts, Bryan, my motorcycles usually have wheels that turn and handlebars that move! Another lovely looking model, the paintwork is, again, excellent.

  3. Is this the same as the Hobbycraft kit? It looks very similar! Don’t worry about what others say or think operating wings. You are building these for you and it just gives you flexibility on how you want to see your work! If your worried about the gap behind the wing, a piece of old inner tube cut to size and fixed to the upper (or in this case lower) portion of the gap on the inside of the fuse does nicely! It will move out of the way when you swing the wing into the slot! Your choice of wheel color looks good to me from what I can see. When I do Russian wheels, I take a bottle of Testors green and mix in some flat black till I get the desired shade! (That said, no two of my Russian planes have the same colored wheels!)
    This plane has always looked cool to me. (I especially like the main gear retraction system!) and you did a great job on the build and camouflage!

  4. Nice clean build, eye catching paint application.

  5. Bryan, you showed that you don’t have to take out a loan to build a good looking model. I’m sure you enjoyed the build too. Nice work !

  6. Bryan, the MiG-23/27 family is another Russian aircraft I have always liked. And you have done a beautiful job on the “ducknose” MiG-27. Like Josh mentions, the main landing gear was quite a nice bit of design, and very interesting to watch in action. Does this kit have any relationship to the old ESCI kit?

    • Thanks, Robert. No idea of any ESCI relationship, no marks anywhere in any event. I like the Soviet aircraft of this era as well-very different from their western counterparts in many respects.

  7. Hey Bryan – thats a GREAT looking MiG! I really like the display of craftsmanship in your paint work!

  8. Very nice work indeed! I am currently working on the AMT release of this same kit. The ESCI version is also the same kit. I bought the model back in 1989 for $8 new and finally, it’s getting some attention! I re-scribed some of the lines on the fuselage (ugh, never again!! lol) and am using some of the Eduard PE interior set. I also have a Pavla resin seat.
    I just hope that my plane comes out half as good looking as yours! I’m glad I found your build, thanks for showing her to us.

    • Good thing for email alerts, Gary, or I’d never have known what you were up to. The resin updates will help along with the PE. Re-scribing gives me the shudders and I leave that to others. best of luck!

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