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Ah jus’ loves me a model airplane…
Fell in love with Airfix 1/72, and some larger stuff as a kid, and by 18 was on to other endeavors. Re-discovered the hobby in 2004, as I needed something to do. I build WWII aircraft 1/48, pretty much OOB, and accept the contents of said box without resorting to blueprints. OK, so I’ve built a few turkeys, and am reluctant to weather my work to a great degree,but every build gets a little closer to being “there”.
Professionally, I have been involved in the yachting industry on a global basis in any number of positions, and currently build things for people by turning expensive rough lumber into dust, noise and shape. Mid 60’s . Single.

Academy Il-2 (early) 1/48

Soviet Ski Team, 1940. Single seat Il-2, straight wing. Easy meat for German fighters, led to the development of the Il-2m3. A really nice kit, fairly innovative engineering but a straightforward build. Highly recommended.

Hasegawa 1/48 P-47D-30, Mexican Expeditionary Air Force (FAEM)

This was a typical Hasegawa build-fell together with little or no putty. My attempt at a NMF was complicated, time consuming and most likely unnecessary. My intent was to use as much of the Aztec decal sheet, but would have been better off paint[...]

1/48 Koster/Revell PB4Y-2 Privateer

This kit was an unintentional acquisition, part of a large swap. Prior to the build I had stayed away from vacu-form kits/conversions, convinced that I'd run out of talent shortly after unwrapping the boxes. (see WIP). Motivated by the subject a[...]

1/48 Xuntong Tu-2T

Xuntong's first effort is my rendition of a Soviet Pacific Fleet member from 1946. Too late for the second World War, it served in several eastern bloc air forces in a number of roles. While mostly a pleasure to build, it did suffer from several[...]

Frank Williams goes to War!

An alternative on an appropriate day. When paint goes bad and decals go awry. Never, never, never say die. Cheers to all of you fellow inmates and assorted lunatics!

Hobby Boss 1/48 TBM-3 Avenger

Representing an aircraft from VT-83, USS Essex (CV-9), April, 1945. A very well engineered kit and enjoyable build. Model Master enamels used throughout and constructed out of the box with the exception of the pilot's seat belts, which are, you [...]

Italeri 1/48 MiG-27 Flogger D

Third member of the ten buck crew is this beast. Basically a MiG-23 with the exception of the nose and engine intakes, both modified for lower, slower combat. This qualifies as a toy as the wings are engineered to move, so I guess everyone gets [...]

Revell 1/48 F-104G

The second of the ten dollar specials, this was originally intended to be the basis of a serious NMF effort-until I found it was smooth as a baby's behind as well. I really was hoping for engraved panel lines-this is a smooth tube, which, in wha[...]

Revell 1/48 F8E Crusader

Another recent Revell re-box of an old Monogram kit, and the result of an urge on my part to discover jets and venture into post WWII aviation modeling. One of my search parameters was that ten dollars was all I would pay-and they'd all be built[...]

Tamiya 1/20 Jordan 191

A different sort of challenge for a guy that builds airplanes, Jordan Grand Prix's first entry into the Formula One wars. Powered by a 3.5 liter naturally aspirated 670 bhp Ford V8 linked to a 6-speed Hewland/Jordan manual gearbox, the car was f[...]