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Boeing 247D in RAF Markings

May 31, 2014 in Aviation


My father, Raul Jose Hrubisko, has finished another series of our colletion. In this case the aircraft selected was the Boeing 247D. We seleced 4 diferent schemes and my father built them. I bellieve that they look very well.

Here are some photos.

1) Boeing 247D 7655 RCAF

2) Boeing 247D DZ203 in 1941

3) Boeing 247D used for trails in automatic landings 1945

4) Boeing 247D in 1945-46

I hope you like them.


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6 responses to Boeing 247D in RAF Markings

  1. Beautiful work as usual. How do you manage to get such great pictures with practically no shadow(s)…?

  2. Outstanding models of a beautiful aircraft!

  3. Stunning builds, each of them .
    Well done sir.

  4. Santiago,
    Very nicely done.

  5. Hi guys. Many thanks for your comments.
    Craig, my father is also a photograper so that helps :.).
    He use to take the photos outsite in a white table with white panels around the models. He also wait until the sun light is the correct one.


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