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Heinkel He-111 H6 – Hail and Farewell

July 12, 2014 in Aviation

Here’s Revell’s reboxing of the Hasagawa 1/72 Heinkel. My oldest daughter asked if I had a model for her youngest son’s bedroom (I’d already given her older boy a 1/48 F4 Corsair), and when I looked through the garage I found this little thing, and also realised I’d never taken a record photo of it.

It’s now destined to fly around a bedroom ceiling in Hampshire, England for the next few years.

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9 responses to Heinkel He-111 H6 – Hail and Farewell

  1. Glad you found it Rob. He should be happy.
    Nice build.

  2. Well done Rob, hopefully you contributions will plant the seed of modeling in their heads to blossom in a few years

  3. way too nice a model to be hanging around a garage…that should make one grandchild very happy…great build…very cool plane

  4. Rob,
    Beautiful job, and fantastic photography. It looks real!

  5. What’s the life expectancy once it’s in the little uns bedroom ?, nice work by the way.

    • Well, hanging from the ceiling by about a hand’s length of nylon thread, he’d have to be about 5 ft tall to reach it, so a while to go yet, but hopefully he’d be bulding a few of his own by then….

  6. Good story, Rob, with a happy ending, I’m sure your grandson will appreciate it. Maybe we will see his contribution to iModeler sometime in the future.

  7. Rob,
    Great job. Your grandson has to be proud of his grandpas talent and skills

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