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Model Engineering & Model Making Exhibition – Part 1

October 26, 2014 in Show Reports

The first annual Lowestoft (Suffolk) Model Engineering and Model Making Exhibition took place this weekend. As the name suggests, it was principally hand-built modelling based on steam/traction/clockwork mechanisms. One of our club members is also a model engineer, and through that connection the club had centre-stage in a separate hall.

There’s no rhyme or reason to the photo sequences (here and in Part 2), but I think you might find it interesting to see modelling skills of such a high calibre.

47 additional images. Click to enlarge

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7 responses to Model Engineering & Model Making Exhibition – Part 1

  1. Absolutely breathtaking!!! I can just imagine all the time, dedication and hard work that has gone into these emgineering masterpieces!!! This is our hobby at its highest level!!

  2. I agree. Many of them were ‘under steam’ at various times in the day.

  3. Live Steam Locomotives, steam traction engines, handcrafted stationary steam engines, what could be better? Modelers that “dabble” as machinists are the true “giants” of the model world. Scratchbuilding a wood boat model is one thing but machining metal into a working breathing steam plant is top of the game. Thanks for posting, Rob.

  4. Thats really breathtaking, thats modelling from another world !

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