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My wife is the greatest… :) Birthday presents for my 45th.

October 10, 2014 in Aviation

Thank you Julie.
Looking inside, the decals for the Nightfighter national markings are terrible. But the Day bomber is fine. Luckily, I can use the latters for the Nightfighter, cause they are the same, and I am doing a Dutch day bomber version anyway.
But beware, if you get the Nightfighter.
Pics to come when I can. 🙂

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9 responses to My wife is the greatest… :) Birthday presents for my 45th.

  1. Always liked the Dorniers, even though not a huge Luftwaffe fan per se. Looking forward to the build.

  2. Congratulations Paul a very nice present, if you like, make some pics from
    the stuff inside the box, both types are very high on my priority list.
    Hopefully ICM do a Do 17Z as well.
    The Royal Netherlands Airforce operated this type ?

  3. You lucky man, nice present from the good lady.
    We hope that you enjoy the builds.

  4. Happy birthday to you! Did you give the great Julie a shortlist to choose from, or, were they an inspired guess?

  5. Gotta love wife’s that actually use your “wish list”. Clearly a “keeper”

  6. Happy Birthday Paul! Enjoy the builds.

  7. Happy birthday!

    My wife would never do that.

    Dutch 215s! Now that I’d like to see!

    That’s as neat as an Iraqi Me-110D.

    Them inline engines look better to me than the usual Bramos.

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