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Monogram 1/48 Vought O-S2U “Kingfisher” land plane

June 20, 2019 · in Aviation · · 40 · 2.3K

used as trainers, squadron hacks and observation platform scout

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  1. A lovely job Bob! I've always thought the land version of the Kingfisher looks like a fish out of water!

  2. Love it, Bob! I've one in the stash but I'm addicted to float planes. Still, I've always loved this scheme. Well done!

    • thank you David...i agree float planes are neat...i think this scheme came with floats also but just about all kingfisher schemes are nice to my eye

  3. Very colorful. Without floats looks like a "duck out of water."

  4. Lovely build. Love this era of US planes, there's a certain romance about those golden wings.

    Well made and well done, Bob. She's very pretty.


    • thank you very much David...i was adoring those yellow wings last night also...a wonderful time that will never come again...sure make it easier to spot in the water from a ship...great to talk to you

  5. You are welcome, Bob. A lot of glass in that baby, too. Must have been a PITA to mask.

    • definitely took an evening to mask David...EZ masks in Canada makes a mask but no paypal so you send a check or money order and wait a month or better...Canadians are laid back...i lived in Ontario in 58-59...lakefront property...we cut across the ice to get to school from December to March...imagine that today

  6. Great job, Bob. Nice to see one built on wheels.

  7. A very nice job with this old but still good Monogram kit. I love it!

  8. Outstanding work, Mr. Mack...great job, sir!

  9. I love those early NAVY Planes.
    I can be wrong, but I believe that in the cockpits of the Kingfisher, a sign was to be seen as a warning "wheels!" or "Floats!" (depending on), Just to remind the aviator not to choose the wrong ground. Great work!

  10. Terrific build! Love the old Monograms.

  11. Nice job, Bob. She's a lovely ole gal!

  12. Sharp looking Kingfisher, very colorful!

  13. Ahhh, yellow wings Bob. The 30's and 60's were the best times for naval aircraft colors! I didn't know there was a land based version of this plane until Tim "Piglet" Conrad made his virtual version for FSX! GREAT job on all the canopy framing!

    • thank you Josh as you have good taste my friend

      2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

      • I'll have to post a picture of my friend's '66 Rogue. 27,000 miles on it. He also has a few AMCs and just bought a 70 Hurst Jeepster Commando. (That is a consolation prize. He was at R&M in Indiana trying to get the 4800 mile Spirit AMX but the price blasted off before he could bid!)

        • my first car was one of those ugly light blue station wagons with three on the 1980 i bought a new Concord royal met. blue with light blue interior, a stunner...but i always loved these 67 rebels, especially the 390's...and the red , white and blue Indy pace car...and the 66 rogue...i liked the boxy look...then they started looking more rectangular like the torinos but i really liked this square period and they were cheap compared to the fad stuff

  14. Nice work (As usual) Bob. Love it.

  15. much appreciated Tom...your Spitfire fleet is becoming awesome...have a great day

  16. I saw a youtube video a while back that was an old Navy dive bomber training film. They were demonstrating dive bombing tactics using a kingfisher land plane!

    • you know it came with 100 lb bombs but the hard points were so poor i left them off...if i hunt up a pair from an Accurate Miniatures Dauntless or a photo-etch bit I'll at least put the hardpoints on...and thank you Bob...I'll look for that video...your aurora helldiver really took me back in the way back machine

  17. nice work - that looks like it came right out of one of those pre-war color photos I have seen! great scheme!

  18. I love old Monogram and Revell, and you have made this one look awesome!

  19. Well done, love yellow wings

  20. Great looking colour scheme Bob.
    Nice looking PSP base you've photographed your Kingfisher on as well.
    Very well done.

  21. thank you very much my opinion you know a great looking scheme better than most judging from yours

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