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Into all things 1/48 WW2. Aircraft, dios, armour etc. favourite topics are, Luftwaffe, RAAF , Dutch airforce, BoB, and anything that flies from around 1925-1946 essentially. 🙂

1/48 Tamiya Ki61

Finished. Tamiya Kawasaki Ki-61-1 Hein "Tony" . 68th Hiko Sentai, New Guinea December 1944 flown by Susumu Kajinami. Surviving the war, he claimed 8 victories in New Guinea, with a total of 24, till the end of hostilities. I specifically go[...]

My P51 fetish continues

P51B-10 flown by Major George E Preddy, 487th FG, UK June 6th 1944. C hood. Tamiya kit. My 4 day lock down challenge in between various music family and friends activities. Started good friday and finished Monday at 2pm. Decals still drying lol[...]

1/48 Wingsy Ki51 Sonia

Finished... good. Not my fav build but glad it's done. Looks pretty good to me. Wingsy 1/48 IJA Type 99 Ki-51 Code named Sonia by the Allies. 27th Hikosentai, Burma 1942. . It's very possible it was my fault, but I had alot of trouble with this[...]

Yep… another P51 lol

Hasegawa 1/48 North American P51D Mustang " Sweet Arlene" Flown by Lt Arthur Bowers 334thFS, 4th FG, 8th Airforce early 1945. #P51 #Mustang #8thAirfirce #48scale Thanks for looking.

1/48 Classic Airframes Fokker DXXI

Hi all. I have finally completed this one. The build was fun, the painting... not so much. My final coat of matt varnish was a disaster when it fogged all over. I still don't know why. Never has before. All attempts to remove it failed, ec[...]

Airfix P51D Mustang 357th 8th Airforce 1/48

P51D-5 flown by Lt John Howell 364th FS, 357thFG 8th Airforce RAF Leiston, July 1944. 1/48 Airfix Pleasure to build. I had to paint over the red checkered decals s my insignia red didn’t quite match. But a steady hand seemed to work. I painted a[...]

1/48 Tamiya P51D Mustang

My first for 2020. 1/48 Tamiya P51D flown by Lt Duane Grounds of the 376 FS, 361 FG, 8th Airforce . The yellow really pops with the multiple shades of aluminium and silvers. Got my 1st 8th Airforce P51 "Big Dick," in one pic for fun. Hope[...]

1/48 Special Hobby CAC Boomerang

Finished nice and early today. My Special Hobby RAAF CAC Boomerang. Typical limited run... sanding, filling, sanding, angle grinder, sanding. Probably wont do another Boomerang in this lifetime, ( It wont come back ) but I'm glad I have this on[...]

1/48 Finemolds Mitsubishi Ki-15 Babs

Fine Molds Mitsubishi Ki-15 Babs completed. Nice build but the engine was a nightmare. Much cutting away and gnashing of teeth to get it to fit into the nacelle... but otherwise, easy as. Lol. Thats ... "aBabs it".. lol. Sorry . Worst joke [...]

Tamiya 1/48 P-38E Lightning Aleutians 1943

As most of us know, this kit is outstanding. The fit is so good in parts, you hardly need glue .. Spirit of 76 was flown by 2nd Lt John S Mackey of 54th FS/343rd FG Attu, Aleutian Islands 1943/44. With the harsh conditions, weathering wa[...]