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Revell 1/144 Airbus A-320 , British Midland,-the last for this year

December 31, 2014 in Aviation

Airbus A320 Revell 1/144

The model is built out of the box with additional decals for BM
Kit recommend any interested in civil passenger aircraft; painted with the colors of XTRACOLOR for civil airliners: British Midland X 336 X 337 Blue and gray British Midland.

I wish you a happy new year ex chimney sweep master.
and 41 years of kit builder.


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6 responses to Revell 1/144 Airbus A-320 , British Midland,-the last for this year

  1. Very nicely done, P.k. – I like that. By the way, I didn’t intend to bounce you off the top so quickly…I must have been compiling my post at the same time you put your airliner up (sorry). 🙁

  2. Nice airliner P.K ! Looks very nice and clean
    Having a Boeing 737-800 (RV) on the bench, trying to get the engines look right.
    Have a happy and healthy new year !

  3. A nice Airbus mate.
    Nice to see some commercial planes here.
    Well done mate.

  4. Good looking people hauler P.k. Looks like shiney things appeal to you.

  5. Looking good PK. Where did you get the decals for BM?

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