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1/72 Grumman J2F-6 Duck

December 3, 2015 · in Aviation · · 14 · 2.8K

This is a build I did back in 2012. Although I really don't like doing bi-planes at my scale (mostly all that rigging!), I have always loved the and wanted to build one. This is the old kit (see box shot), and I built this before I had started weathering my builds and attempting to get a more "realistic" appearance.

I saw a pic online of this particular scheme. It was not clear enough to me whether it was NMF or grey, so I went with grey to avoid having to rattle can Testors Metalizer, especially since I had all that rigging to do. (I suspect it really was NMF - but I'm good with the results! If you know the truth - don't spoil my party!)

Couple of things about the build: Obviously, the rivet detail is pretty thick. I decided not to attempt to sand it off - just live with it. The N-shaped wing braces were horribly the wrong size and if I had attempted to force them, the upper wing would have been terribly bowed. So I scratch the braces from styrene strips. They went together easier than I expected - steady hand with the knife when cutting the angles for where the different legs of the braces joined paid off! I also replaced the horizontal stabilizer braces - I don't remember why now - either they looked bad or didn't fit well.

This was my first time actually "rigging" rather than just stringing aerials. I did read up on a few tips. I went with the process of creating a very small hole or indention in many of the fuselage join areas, but where the line met strut joints and such I didn't bother. I did glue in the lines to the bottom wing and fuselage first, then added the upper wing and cut/attached all the stray pieces and all the cross-lines between struts. I used CA glue for attaching, and my 3rd hand tweezers were invaluable. Very arduous, to say the least!

In the end I was pleased, but determined to avoid "rigged" airplanes as much as possible. I do have some bi-wing flying boats to build, but they are larger so hopefully the work won't be as tedious. This was done before I found Uschi's elastic rigging line for scale, so I used smoke-colored nylon thread, which has been my material of choice for years for aerials and such. I'm hoping the Uschi product will make the work on those flying boats much easier!

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  1. Nicely done Greg, That is an old boxing of her mate.
    Looks great too.

  2. My compliments on your patience and skill in rigging a 1/72nd bi-plane. Turned out very nice and the color scheme you selected really stands out.
    Nice job for sure.

  3. You're a braver man than I, are certainly NOT on MY 'favorite' list (nor is 72nd scale - unless it's a big one) and most assuredly nothing with rigging. I agree with Jim's assessment above...nice work!

  4. Very,very nice Greg. Especially like the paint scheme.

  5. Nice work Greg, I had to take a second look, when I noticed it was 1/72 scale. Your rigging looks good too.
    bouncing across the waves in one of these, must have been fun !

  6. Fiddlesome in that scale, Greg, but a nice result. Well done.

  7. Very fine work with that rigging, Greg.

  8. Thanks all for the comments!

  9. Like!

    Nice build old kit.

  10. Hi Greg! Really stunning build. As I heard these aircrafts keeped in clean and well so that weathering isn't miss to my eyes. Great work on that rigging but as I read You choose a quite difficult method. The result is spectacular! Also I like Your wing struts. Rigging is not my enemy but align all those struts and wings! That's kill! 😀

  11. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    You have done a very nice work, nice to see the DUCK . Just seeing it takes me back too the Baa Baa Black Sheep days.

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