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1/72 Heller Dassault MD 450 Ouragan Israeli 1956

July 30, 2015 in Aviation

Build kit with a few modifications engraved Baseline panels im
added Aeroclub white metal seat and Armaments.
Decals from Isradecals .paints xtracolor .
realization somewhere 20 years ago.


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13 responses to 1/72 Heller Dassault MD 450 Ouragan Israeli 1956

  1. Nice little build, P.k. – I must admit I’m not familiar with the type, but just looking at the various nuances, I can see a hybrid of an F-84, an F-86 and a Mig 15. 🙂

  2. Like Craig I don’t recognise the type, but no doubt that’s a shortcoming of mine. Just goes to show what wide choices were available then albeit without the greater detail we’re used to seeing now. Nice build, Pk.

  3. Very nice P.k.! With a little work those old kits stand up perfectly well against newer, high end releases. (Has anyone even released an Ouragon since the Heller kit?)

  4. Very neat work, P.k., I love jets from this era.

  5. Awesome job on this French fighter that was the forerunner to the Mystere and Super Mystere fighters. The shark mouth looks great!! Well done!!!

  6. P.k – I’m always glad when someone picks 1/72 scale and an unusual subject! The Ouragan turned out very nice!

  7. I forgot to mention the Heller kit also! I have lots of very old, “poor” quality kits in my stash. Some of them are the only representations I can find of certain subjects, and it does take a bit of care to clean them up, especially if you want them to look really nice. And to do NMF to boot! Again – I applaud your effort.

  8. P.K.,
    Looks great and I absolutely love the markings. Great job.

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