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Product news – Gaspatch Models

November 7, 2015 in News

Gaspatch Models’ second 1/48 kit will be the Henschel Hs 123. The company has been showing an advanced prototype of the kit, which according to the company is only months away from release.

What do you think – I’d say OMG!

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5 responses to Product news – Gaspatch Models

  1. The prototype looks formidable!
    I bought one for sure and will be in Chinese colors.

  2. Ahh! I have an AMT/Italeri with some Black-box update in an semi-advanced stage :O This always happens to me…

    • that I am somewhere in 1978 im build in original manufacturer ESCI kit. for the time being, and only in this scale.
      later it was repackedAM tech whit resin patrs an AMT;
      Italeri,Revell It is still on the shelf of markets.
      Is it time to go to retire and let the younger kit from Gas pach.

  3. gaspatch is such a fine company…their aircraft…turnbuckles….gun and other accessories are marvelous

  4. Looks great. I’d love to see a subject not done before. I finished a 123 a year ago, though it’s of course, a much older tooling. This looks amazing though.

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