F-102A Delta Dagger (USAF) – 1/72

October 8, 2021 · in Aviation · · 24 Comments

The Convair was an interceptor aircraft that was built as part of a project of the USAF defenses in the late 1950s. Entering service in 1956, its main purpose was to intercept invading Soviet strategic bomber fleets during the Cold War. Convair built 1,000 F-102s.

My collection is composed mainly of propeller airplanes, but I do have a passion for jets of this era, so I intend to build some other ones.

The kit is a nice model, well engineered and toolled, plenty of detail, with good fitting, excellent decals and instructions.

Construction was almost OOB, with just some increased details. I used my standard scheme with Tamiya putty, polyester primer, paints and clear from Dryco, and a simple base made of foam. I didn't intend to do a diorama, so I inserted the tractor and the fire extinguisher with 2 figures just to improve the look.

Finally another colorful model on my shelf, which was so fun to built.


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24 responses

  1. A true classic, Beautifully done!

  2. Nice job, looks great! I remember seeing a group of this aircraft fly over my head back in the mid 60’s, it is a beautiful looking jet.

  3. VERY well done! I love those 102s and their younger brothers, the 106s even more!

  4. A fantastic job, Roberto! An iconic plane, beautifully build.
    The scheme is really nice, you did a great, precise paint and decal job, with the tractor, fire extinguished and figures looking great and adding life.
    Well done!

  5. Great build, Roberto @boblucio
    A beautiful diorama as well.

  6. Beautiful model Roberto, I really like the diorama presentation!

  7. Very smooth finish and perfect little diorama, Roberto. One of the best builds of the 102 in this scale I have ever seen. It must be a really nice kit to have such a nice result OOB.

  8. Well done, Roberto (@boblucio). It is always nice to see Cold War aircraft in bright markings that you don't often see now.

  9. What a cool model you've made there, Roberto! I have the Meng kit in my stash, and I'm really loooking forward to making it.

  10. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    A real eye catcher Roberto .
    The F-102 and the F-106 are always amazing to look at.
    And yet , putting this aircraft on a diorama ( love dioramas ), causes one to stop and take several looks.

  11. Very nice presentation, Roberto, and it’s good to see a Meng kit built, definitely liked.

  12. A very nice build! Love the century series jets...

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