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Scale Modelworld 2015 models – #8 (Diorama)

November 13, 2015 in Show Reports

Continuing our coverage of the 2015 Scale Modelworld in Telford, this model gallery provides an overview of diorama classes in the competition.

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5 responses to Scale Modelworld 2015 models – #8 (Diorama)

  1. Outstanding…..especially that “Perfect Storm” one.

  2. The u-boat is by a guy in our club. We kidded him that not all the strafing ‘spikes’ would be the same height as the rounds hit the water in a running sequence and some would be falling back when compared the final rounds hitting the water. He took a pair of scissors and clipped back a couple…..

  3. Great work by all – I grew up working my Grandad’s farm, and love the tractor dio.

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