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Workbench 2015

December 27, 2015 in Uncategorized

Not sure what this is about, saw others posting their own work benches and thought I might do the same. The bench is a artist hobby table, it can turn up 90 degrees upwards if used for easels (very nice). Also the shelving at the far end is a old butchers block, set on a set of moveable shelves. And of course a tool box for keeping …. well tools and more paints

Picture 2 – Paintbrushes, storage draws, and jar for water
Picture 3 – Airbrush holder + Airbrushes, and vice for holding parts
Picture 4 – Paints, turntable and Bluetooth speaker (top makes a good place for WIP projects
Picture 5 – Shelves make a good place for a bit of the stash (the majority is upstairs)

4 additional images. Click to enlarge

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11 responses to Workbench 2015

  1. Well-done, Michael.
    Many of us couldn’t accomplish a thing in your clean & well-organized environment. We need total disarray.
    Again, great job.

  2. I’m not sure what all this is about either, but happy new year to you!

  3. Nice space and triple ” Gunfigter” AIRBRUSH..

  4. Really nice, Michael.
    What’s the green-goop in the two bottles in photo #2?

    • Thanks Bob 🙂 The one with the black head is a mix of paint I used for a project and used too much – decided to save it in case, the other I’m not sure, or if you mean its the glass jar, its one I use for washing brushes

  5. Everything looks to hand Michael.
    Is that an Expo Airbrush in the holder ?
    Looks the same as mine.

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