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Revell 1/24th Schlingmann LF-20

January 16, 2016 in Automotive

My modelling tastes can be very varied at times and Fire Engines have always held an interest for me. When travelling you’d be surprised how many pictures of fire engines world wide I have taken.

I picked up this Revell kit sometime ago and had a thoroughly good time building and painting it. The build was pretty straightforward, but painting all those colours was a bit more challenging. Weathering etc. not an option for this sort of subject, so no escape clause there to hide an error or two!

I like the end product and makes an attractive display.

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6 responses to Revell 1/24th Schlingmann LF-20

  1. What a lot of great detail, Mark. A really good looking build. You might want to consider building Revell’s London Bus – superb detailing and good value too. I think there’s aftermarket available for it now too.

  2. I’ve seen this kit advertised and thought “shall I?”, it’s certainly an attractive model, and you’ve brought out the best in it.

  3. Good-lookin’ model, Mark….sure is/was a lotta “stuff” included. Very nice build – I like it.

  4. I like fire trucks too, and I like your model.

  5. That’s an unusual modelling subject! Great outcome though. Looks like a lot of work has went into it as well, particularly in the storage compartments.

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