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Trumpeter 1/350 USS Indenpedence LCS-2

January 10, 2016 in Ships

My last of model of 2015. 🙂 It could be better, especially painting part, but I am satisfied. This is my first work with PE parts 🙂 Feel free to comment, good or bad. Thank you.

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5 responses to Trumpeter 1/350 USS Indenpedence LCS-2

  1. Well done model, congratulations! I recently watched a documentary about this ship and it’s state of the art, very impressive capabilities so your model is quite interesting.
    Good job on the PE parts. They can certainly be a challenge but are worth it in level of detail I think

  2. I like it. I did Gallery Models USS Wasp some time back and the PE kicked by butt. You did this one proud….nice job.

  3. Nice work on the photo-etch for a first attempt. Some advice on the painting, if you want. Spray the lower hull colour first, as well as the little windows and hatches and flat details. Mask with Tamiya Tape, or what ever your personal choice is, and spray the overall hull colour. Then, when you remove the masking, all you have to do is little touch-ups, if necessary. Then add the photo etch, pre-painted, of course. Touch up as needed, then Dul-Cote to kill the super glue shine, and even out the finish. Or not. Just my two cents worth. Looks good.

  4. Thanks guys for comments. George I did as you said, but i have some no-name tape, and it is bad 🙁 I will have to buy some better tape for future projects.

  5. It looks very impressive, Goran, thanks for sharing it with us.

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