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Vertol H 21B, CR Sqn RCAF 1956.

July 18, 2016 in Aviation

1/72 Revell, with some modifications, not all visible, nose gear and decals from the Hobbycraft kit, finished in Humbrol, Revell and MM enamels and I think Future overall, flown by Communications and Rescue Sqn RCAF from 1954.

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20 responses to Vertol H 21B, CR Sqn RCAF 1956.

  1. Really came out well Allan. Colorful markings, nice paint work.

  2. Nice build, Allan…puts me in mind of the Paisecki (sp) “Flying Banana”….(wonder who copied who?). 🙂

  3. Looks good Allan. Did one of these myself a while back using the Italeri kit with Leading Edge decals.

  4. Allan, really good build, great choice of scheme. You’d see this one coming a long way off.

  5. Nice build! Such an oddly designed aircraft…!

  6. A truly excellent result Allan! Red is such a difficult colour to put on a model – and it’s gloss too!

  7. Like mentioned above: “Oddly designed”
    But build to perfection.

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