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Kinetic 1:48 CF-188A Anniversary Hornet

My club has an annual group build theme that culminates with a Show-and-Tell display at our December meeting. Our 2022 theme was "O Canada" comprising any subject built by Canada, manned in Canadian service, or manned by [...]

New Font: Canadian Military Aircraft, 1920s

In my prior post about my Esci S.E.5a, I mentioned that I had to design a new font for the registration lettering. I previously designed a number of aircraft lettering fonts about 20 years ago, designed for World War II and postwar RAF [...]

Vertol H 21B, CR Sqn RCAF 1956.

1/72 Revell, with some modifications, not all visible, nose gear and decals from the Hobbycraft kit, finished in Humbrol, Revell and MM enamels and I think Future overall, flown by Communications and Rescue Sqn RCAF from 1954.