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Fiddlers Green 1/33 AVRO Type F

November 26, 2016 in Aviation


Another model from paper.

Sincerely, Vlad.

12 additional images. Click to enlarge

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10 responses to Fiddlers Green 1/33 AVRO Type F

  1. I used to build paper airplanes (fold here, crease there…), but they didn’t look ANYTHING like yours! lol 🙂
    Seriously though, that is a beautiful job, sir. I think I’d rather try a resin kit (ugh) before trying something like this.
    I’d be curious to see the WIP pics of how this is accomplished.

  2. Bizarrely, I think I saw a Polish modeller with one of these at Milton Keynes last April.

    In fact another Polish modeller at the same show won Best In Class with a paper loco and tender – with scale coal added for effect!

    Anyway, I digress… very nice, Vlad.

  3. Craig, Rob, thank you!

    Craig, unfortunately, the construction process, I did not photograph. it all happened too fast. The main thing is I myself enjoyed the process.

    Sincerely, Vlad.

  4. Vlad, outstanding work! I used to make paper models when I was young, dinosaurs were roaming the earth. This is far, far from what I ended up with. And it’s good to see the classic forms still being done.
    That’s a neat plane!

  5. Влад, отлично! Great! ))

  6. Exceptionally clean build and coloring the edges gave the model a more ‘complete’ look.

  7. Дмитрий, John, thank you!

    Sincerely, Vlad.

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