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Messerschmitt Me 109G-6

Hello fellow modelers! I would like to present you a model of the German WWII fighter Messerschmitt Me 109G-6. It is a first paper model of airplane since my last production 35 year ago 🙂

1/48 GPM German Armored Railcar Panzer-JagerTriebwagen 51

My first card model kit. This type of structure lends itself to a card model requiring only flat surfaces and coming pre colored and shaded. The challenging part of the build is the inner structure that the supports the outer surfaces. A [...]

Paper Models

I cannot resist free paper models. Here are a few dioramas from my micro museum, featuring free, online offerings. The Japanese model is the carrier Akagi's island with deck. The cost of a 1/144 Aichi type 99 "Val" and B5N [...]

Fiddlers Green 1/33 AVRO Type F

Hello! Another model from paper. Sincerely, Vlad.

Fiddlers Green EOLE Avion I

My friend gave me a few sheets of paper with a models airplanes from Fiddlers Green. Including this wonderful machine, more like a bat. For a couple of nights, I built it with pleasure. Sincerely, Vlad.