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Engineer based in Santiago, Chile

Current projects:

* Revell Me-109 G4 1:72, project “Caged Birds”
* Zvezda Knyaz Suvorov 1:350

Old projects

* Airfix Mitsubishi A6M2b Zero 1:72, project “Caged Birds”
* Italeri P-51D Mustang 1:72, project “Caged Birds”
* Mistercraft Focke-Wulf FW-190A-8 “Rammjäger” 1:72, project “Caged Birds”
* PZKW IV Ausf.b King Tiger Airfix 1:76
* Academy F4U-1 “Skipper Riley”, from the movie “Planes”
* ECM Polikarpov I-1 (Il-400b)
* Airfix Spitfire MK1a diorama, displayed at the Airfix model website
* Revell SMS Dresden 1:350, my pride and joy
* Hobbyboss RN Pola 1:350, built as RC ship
* Airfix DMK Bismarck 1:600
* Airfix Almirante Latorre 1:600 (modified Iron Duke kit)
* Airfix HMS Victory1:180

The Akutan Ronin: Captured Mitsubishi A6M2b-21 Zero, Airfix 1:72, “Caged Warbirds” serie

As the third specimen of my “Captured Warbirds” serie this one is quite interesting. This Zero was shoot down over Akutan, Alaska, in the Aleutian islands, in July of 1942. The plane was shoot in the oil return line so […]

The Tamed Horse: Captured Mustang P-51D, Italeri 1:72

This is the Tamed Horse, second entry in my “Caged Birds” collection about captured planes. This scheme came from Pinterest The kit is a Italeri F-51D Mustang with Reheat Models P51D/K PE and Vallejo and Mig paints, plus some Humbrol […]

Mistercraft Focke Wulf FW-190 A-8 Rammjager 1/72 “Captive Jaeger”. “Caged Birds” serie

Starting this new line of captured warplanes or “caged birds”, I let with you my Mistercraft Focke Wulf FW-190 A-8 Rammjager, my Captive Jaeger. I got this design from Pinterest. What can I say, the kit is not very recommendable, […]

I-1 (IL 400b) ECM 1:72

Some 20+ years ago, I was a teenager walking his first steps alone in Santiago, capital city. I had built a Revell F15-E I bought in a school trip to Arica, full of mistakes but you know, what you build […]

Academy F4U-1A Corsair “Skipper Riley” 1:72

My dear son, 3 years old, is big fan of the movie “Planes”, so I have seen it a couple of hundreds of times. When I proposed my kid to build a “Skipper Riley” F4U he jumped of joy, so […]

Airfix PZKW IV Ausf.b King Tiger Airfix 1:76

Ending the WIP shown in, here is my King Tiger Airfix 1:76. This is the first armored vehicle I ever build. Was very fun to do, so eventually I will do more vehicles. The kit itself is very nice […]

SMS Dresden (1908) Revell 1:350

Hi, I want to present you my pride and joy, my SMS Dresden (1908) Revell 1:350. From wikipedia: “SMS Dresden (“His Majesty’s Ship Dresden”)[a] was a German light cruiser built for the Kaiserliche Marine (Imperial Navy), the lead ship of […]

RN Pola 1:350

Hi, I’d like to show you a ship I built on 2015. This is the Hobbyboss RN Pola 1:350, converted to RC ship. The kit quality is awful and several parts had to be remade and redesigned from scratch, like […]

Airfix Spitfire Mk1a 1/72 Starter Kit

Hi, everybody. This is my first contribution as an article to iModeler. Some years ago I bought this Spitfire MK1a Starter Kit for my then 16 yo step son, but he never got interested in modelling. Anyway, some years later […]