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  • Just starting to build this unusual aircraft following visits to the Shuttleworth Collection and RAF Duxford in Eastern England. It looks like quite a challenging kit and just wondered if anyone else had recently built this? I am unsure what adhesive to use for the seat belts which are metal and dash details and some other small parts in resin? I know that this plane was multi purpose and had a significant role dropping off agents behind enemy lines during WWII and ideally I would like to recreate this i model form. Any helpful comments welcome. Thanks.

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  • Great pictures of an outstanding aircraft. I look forward to seeing yours.

  • Thanks Jeff. But I mislead you!
    The kit is by Eduard. See picture below. A ProfiPACK kit.
    Not sure why it has posted upside down!??

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  • Michael, for the SOE agent drop aircraft, you need a drop tank under the cockpit on the centerline, and a ladder on the side. No rear guns. Overall black or black lowers and camouflage uppers. Red code letters. I haven’t seen the Eduard, which I think is a rebox of the Gavia kit. HTH, good luck!

  • Bernard: If you look at the photos I took at Duxford, you’ll see that drop tank. Massive thing. Its in the kit and I will be using it and so is the ladder.. The box art shows the version I saw at Duxford and the kit contains the right decals too. But it is a fiddly cockpit and I need to find some spie figures to show boarding the aircraft. LOoking for civilian figures at 1:48 scale in macks!!
    We visited RAF Tempsford in July and were shown around the barn where they disembarked. Apparently the crew were instructed not to talk to the passengers they carried and in fact they boarded the plane secretly once the crew were in place and ready for takeoff. A very secret airfield where all buildings were camouflaged and made to look like ruined old agricultural barns as was the runway. Hedges and such like painted on the hard surface of the runways to disguise them from enemy aircraft.
    It is my intention to attempt to recreate that scenario. Here’s hoping…..

  • For some reason the pictures keep coming through upside down! Why? But if you can save it and correct it then you’ll see a nice image of the plane itself. It isn’t at Duxford, but is kept in the Shuttleworth Collection at Old Warden airfield in Bedfordshire.

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  • Can’t wait for your finished product, should look great. I believe there’s one featured in a recent movie called Allied. I remember building the old Hawk kit years ago.

  • Michael, you might want to try O guage model railroad figures, which you could modify. Preiser or Dartmoor(metal figures). Hecker and Goros(?)
    That one photo of yours shows the horizontal tailplane deflected. I’d heard that you could do that, first I’ve actually seen it. The panel just ahead of the fin has a crank in the compartment to do the adjustment. Glad to hear that the kit gives you the mods. I never did get the Eduard or the Gavia boxings. I did have the old Hawk kit, back when it came out.

  • Hi Mike , looks like a nice project ,I don’t think we’ve seen many Lysanders on this site.For your Resin and metal parts just use ordinary superglue ,mind your fingers don’t get attached though !.I’d have a word with the guys at Hannants and see if there is a masking set for the canopy otherwise you will have your work cut out for you masking that lot that’s for sure ! have a word with our own Rob Pollock about your figures he seems to have a ton of knowledge about diorama stuff and finally I’d suggest that the aircraft in your pictures is way to shiney it needs to be very matt but I’m sure you know all that.Looking forward to seeing it built.

  • Thanks Neil. I;ll try Rob and see what he can come up with, also need to check out those O scale railway figures Bernard suggests. There is a nice image on a 1:72 scale Airfix kit, currently on e bay, which shows pilot leaning out of the canopy and a secretive character climbing the ladder in a brown mac. Nice image if I can achieve that. Just a shame that kit is the wrong scale>?. By the way I have already started masking the canopy. You’re right, It’s fiddly but I will persevere. FIngers crossed. See another photo of the aircraft taken at Old Warden airfield. I thought it looked a bit glossy too. I wonder if they know something we don’t? I better check that out. Thanks again for your helpful comments.

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  • Well 2 weeks in and its starting to get interesting…. soon time for some spraying. All that time fixing etched parts inside the cockpit and now you can’t see them anyway! Managed to find a 1:48 pilot but had to chop his legs off, so that I could get him into the front seat and show him turning to look out of the cockpit towards the waiting SOE agents, when I can find the right figures.
    Think the Preiser figures at 1:50 might be suitable? But expensive as I have to pay postage from Germany to get them here to the UK. Set of civilians male and female in macs waiting for a train!! I think they’ll do the trick. But that’s a way off… gotta get the plane finished first. 🙂

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  • Well I think I’m nearly finished. I have decided to keep to the gloss finish displayed on the Lysander at Shuttleworth as I don’t have a better reference at this point in time. I have failed to find appropriate models of SOE agents, but have left the rear cockpit open to allow them in if they turn up unexpectedly one day!
    This kit has proved quite challenging in many ways and certainly does not fit together as well as the Japanese kits I have worked with in the past. The whole cockpit area was very difficult to fit accurately into the fuselage, but got there in the end. All that fiddling around with the pistons and now all hidden behind the cowling. 🙂

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  • Michael, the USAAF experimented with black undersides, and concluded the paint should be semi or full gloss, which reputedly reflected, rather than absorbed the searchlight beams. Between the wars and early on, AAF used water soluble “temporary” paints, including black. One such experiment was during a raid on Wake, where they used lampblack mixed with soap on the undersides of B-24s. Poor results, it was either difficult to remove, or wore off immediately.
    The RAF had special night, smooth night, and I can’t recall what else. The earliest was dead flat, and could remove exposed skin with contact, I hear tell. Dd wonders for the aircrafts speed.

  • Thanks Bernard. Very interesting/ but not sure why the matt finish ( dead flat) removed exposed skin? Worrying!
    Anyway, a couple more photos taken in the garden on an old “rough field diorama” from which my spitfires usually take off ! I hope you like the figure looking out for the SOE agents, if they ever turn up? I still can’t work out why the photos I download onto this site always appear upside down!!!!! Maybe you can turn them around again at your end. Sorry…..

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  • Nice work Michael great to see a Lizzie on the site !