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48th Scale War Weary Tigercat

Yes it did look that bad and I have the photo I used for reference. I started out looking for a different way to do a black scheme and found this shot in Squadron’s book on the Tigercat. I added a resin nose, drilling it out to accept buckshot in an attempt to keep the tail up. It required more weight behind the cockpit and engine firewalls, any place I could put it in front of the main landing gear. The engines are plumbed and brake lines added. Pastels were used over different shades of flat black.

2 additional images. Click to enlarge.

18 responses to 48th Scale War Weary Tigercat

  1. Beautiful weathering techniques

  2. Best F7F I’ve ever seen, Jack…just gotta say WOW!

  3. Wow, how dirty 😉

    What a paint job; nice chipping, nice exhaust stain, impressive multi tone black surface and a nice touch with the blue panels. I like it big time!
    A really colorful aircraft. And yes, the detail work is as stunning!


  4. Thanks guys….. it is the most weathered model I have ever built.

  5. I definitely want to finally do MY Linda! Love what you did- awesome.
    I need to figure out how to photograph my kits in better light- i wish time was on my side these days- oh well!

  6. Excellent job!! Black is beautiful! Way beyond my meager skills, I must say.

  7. Now THAT is a really good job of weathering. It’s extensive, it’s really ratty, but it’s not “overdone” like too many models end up – in other words it looks REAL. I like it a lot.

  8. Weathered models tend to be very subjective and though I’m a bit hesitant to weather my models, I find that less is more in most cases. I know some contest judges do not like weathered subjects, but as I do not compete anymore, that’s something I no longer concern myself with. I do really appreciate the kind remarks however.

  9. Jack, that weathered finish is just superb – one of the best I’ve ever seen.

  10. Jack,
    I’m new to this site so I’m checking out all the old posts…This Sir, is a BEAUTIFUL Model of a VERY cool “Iorn Works” product.
    Great Job!

  11. Outstanding work, Jack! Your weathering is simply stunning – it’s among the most realistic I’ve ever seen.

  12. Really like this model! When the day comes that I do a Tiger for my “cat” collection, I’ ll remember this as setting a fine example !

  13. Hi
    Going back through the older pages, this is the best weathered black paint job I’ve seen. Excellent work!

  14. Jack, as always I marvel at your work. You are a Master craftsman and artist to boot. Oh, and humble too . . .

  15. Jack,
    Ditto to all the other comments, this is perfect

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