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AZ 1/48 Vultee Vengeance

November 27, 2012 · in Aviation · · 6 · 2.4K

Another quirky build-part of the AZ mystique. No idea of how accurate it is, but it's the only one out there.
Not good enough for US combat forces, it served well, particularly with the Indian A.F. There is a great account of Vengeance service, "Tales of Vengeance", by Mukund Murty, on the internet.

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  1. Very nice, Bryan. If memory serves, the primary complaints were soft engine detail and canopy height. However, I'm one of those modelers who can usually look past such things if the build is nice and the paint scheme looks good. You've definitely pulled that off- the colors, paintwork, and finish look terrific.

  2. I swapped engines-used one from a B-25 that was somewhat better-original looked like a lumpy pancake. Plastic was weird-hard, greasy and granular all at once.

  3. Interesting aircraft and good weathering especially on that tail.

  4. OzMods has done a total correction and detail upgrade of the AZ kit fuselage. Details at

  5. Bryan,
    My very belated compliments on this. Excellent job you did. I'm looking back on this set to before I came aboard. Happy New Year.


  6. Nice. 🙂 There some new updated releases of the same kit. New decals. I'll be getting one.

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