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Hasegawa 1/72 P-3C Orion

November 22, 2012 · in Aviation · · 13 · 3.1K

This is a comission build that I did for a buddy of mine who was also a P-3 Flight Engineer

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  1. That looks super, Andrew...outstanding workmanship. I really like the idea of leaving one prop "feathered" in order to see its' detail along with the rest of the ship. Besides, that's perfect for a flight engineer's model. Very nice. Thumbs up all 'round sir.

  2. Given you've built it for a friend... I wonder if this u/s no. 1 engine is commemorative of some real event? Just curious /m.

  3. Perhaps a Su 27 event?


  4. Actually, we shut down number 1 when we do loiter operations on ASW flights or when we are doing a mission and need to conserve fuel. I am a P-3C Flight Engineer and its our job to shut them down and restart them in flight


  5. Well now I'M it always the No. 1 engine that gets to rest or do you alternate? And if not, is there any particular reason it's always number one?

  6. Craig, we normal shut down number 1 because it has no generator. we can shut down number 4 depending on what the mission is or if there are issues with number 1 like no NTS check so we cant shut it down, so we will go to number 4 and shut it down. if we really need to conserve gas we can shut down both 1 and 4 so it really depends on the mission and how long we need to stay out.

  7. Thanks for the explanation, Andrew...comes under the heading, "...ya learn sumthin' new every day...".

  8. really interseting info on operating P-3's. I grew up watching the patrols in and out of Bermuda. My fondest menory of P-3's was when I did my stint with the BDA Regiment, and one night on exercises we were set up on a hill right under the approach/departure to the airport/NAS base! Nothing like having a P-3 overfly directly over your bivouac at night with the spotlights on during takeoff!

  9. Andrew,
    Beautiful job on this. I can't compliment you enough on this build. Right now I am building this kit OOB and I hope it comes out as good as yours

  10. Where did you find the VP9 Golden Eagle tail feathers? I'm working on this on and would prefer using my first fleet squadron rather than the marlin that came with the kit. Thanks!

  11. Dwain,
    I had them made for me. I will take a look and see if I have any extra that I will send you.


  12. Lovely job Andrew, the prop spin effect is great. I am looking forward to trying it with one of my P-3 builds.

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