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Spangdahlem F-16C

July 29, 2019 · in Aviation · · 11 ≡

Hey folks, back again:
It's odd but until recently I'd not built an in any scale for over twenty years, now there's two in my cabinet ! - the other is an 'B'

This is 's 1:48 F-16C-50, not quite a 'shake'n bake' as some thought and attention to the construction sequence is definitely needed. That said all fits very well as we've come to expect... well except the decals - mine shattered into atom-sized pieces as soon as they hit the water, but I was only ever going to use the stencils for the drop tanks. I found some spare in the stash so just got on with it. Zoom set was a delight to fit and makes a shed-load of difference in my opinion. The decals are a mixture of old Superscale and Afterburner - never used them before, they're bl**dy superb !

Faded and battered paint is not typical for a 'Wing King' but I've chosen to show this aircraft soon after it's operational deployment to Iraq & Afghanistan, not sure about the historical provenance but I really like the way it looks - hope folks here do too.

Next I'll be finishing an IL2, then... who knows... Feel free to hurl abuse, comment or ask a question.

Best from NZ.


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  1. Outstanding work, Ian...(both of 'em) - nice job !

  2. Nice work, Ian.

  3. Beautifully done! The two seater is interesting, never saw one in that wrap around scheme.

    • GD's attempt in the very early 80's to persuade the USAF to develop the F-16 into a CAS platform instead of the 'unviable' A-10 (their description back then). In those years the F-16 had only sold in to Europe so GD were getting a bit twitchy as to the return on their investment.

      To make the F-16 more CAS looking a very biased competition was held over a couple of years, and competing F-16's were painted in the Euro 1 scheme.

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  4. Nicely done Ian, as I usually state when it comes to weathering, they all had to be new at one time or another. Good looking Falcons.

    • Agreed 100%, the IL2 I mentioned is not going to look like a flying tank, just lightly faded and weathered... hopefully looking like it flew 5 missions, not 50 !

  5. Great job on both planes. I think the green camouflage really looks good on an F-16, and it is something you don't see modeled very much.

  6. I built the Wing King out of my Tamiya F-16 from Spangdahlem last year, and never even got a photo of it...turns out my letter carrier was in the squadron when he was still in the service and saw the kit as I was coming in from the garage. It went home with him! Your model looks great!
    He had a huge grin and it made me happy as well.

  7. Nice lawn dart. Does it stick when you throw it? 🙂

    Seriously, nice work on this, you made a "grey jet" interesting.

  8. Thanks everyone, really appreciate the good / positive feedback and anecdotes. The aforementioned IL2 got its' first colour today - a very bright underside blue (it hopefully will calm down after a wash or two). You'll see that in about three weeks...

    Best from Middle Earth.

  9. Looks great! Nice break-up of the typical grey scheme.

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