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Heading Home

November 20, 2012 · in Ships · · 17 · 2.2K

This was my grand adventure into creating water. I got pretty involved in the German S-Boat with a lot of aftermarket PE sets. I found a tutorial on doing water on the internet and gave it a shot. I scratch-built the buoy and seagulls and found the crew figures somewhere on the net. I learned a lot on this project and I hope to do more water projects.

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  1. Nice job with your first water base...I haven't had the nerve to try it yet. That's the German version of the PT Boat, correct? Bigger and a lot faster from what I've heard. How long is that kit in inches, Jack..?

  2. The boat is about 19 inches long. There are several good reference books available on this subject. I can send you the tutorial on making the water if you like.

  3. Thanks for the offer, but no need right now, Jack...don't have any "floaty things" to be built at the moment anyhow. I've got that new Kitty Hawk F-35 on Santa's list for my next project.
    I was also thinkin' maybe a 35th or 32nd scale LST-type craft. Whatchathink?

  4. Whatever hits your hot button, both sound like fun projects to me. What scale is the F-35?

  5. I thought the Kitty Hawk was a P-40 and the P-35 was produced by Seversky. Who is producing the kit?

  6. I like it Jack, great job, nothing like seeing a model in its natural setting. You have a really nice presentation there.

  7. Thanks Walt. Unfortunately, putting models in their natural settings take up a lot more shelf space, so I look for presentation bases that I can use for more than one model. It is harder to do with water however.

  8. do let us know where you found the water tutorial...this presentation is awesome. I held on to the Revell PT for some time before I sold it off, regretting doing that, now that I see this...

  9. Wow, love that a lot, so dynamic, top work on the whole thing.


  10. Thanks Jim, glad you liked it.

  11. I too have held off doing a water base. This is really excellent work.

  12. OUTSTANDING Jack water is sooo hard to make look real ive tried and have not gotten this incredible effect in think I will check out your links and give it a try...

  13. Jack,
    Gorgeous. I tried the site for the tutorial but they would not open. I do have some info in my files though or I may just float a model in the kitchen sink for a true realizim.


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