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LS 1/144 Scale Kawanishi “Emily” Flying Boat

November 30, 2012 · in Aviation · · 3 · 2.8K

This kit was a total hoot to build. No interior to worry about, just slap it together, and then have fun with the painting and detailing. I added the bracing wires for the wing floats, the two radio antenneas and the totally scratch built radar on the nose. The last picture is the one I found that urged me to do this silly detail in this tiny scale. Oh, and it's another 'plane on a stick' display. Enjoy.

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  1. So what's the wingspan in inches on that...? Nice little stand, too. While I'm reminded of it, tell me sumthin' - why is it that 99% of WWII Japanese airplanes have those funky colored props? What's the story behind that color..? Why'd they DO that...?

  2. The wingspan is appx. 10 inches. I think that the colour of the props is due to the material that they're made from. I'd have to ask some IPMS buddies that specialize in Japanese subjects. Glad you like the stand. I have always found that simple works best.

    • At the beginning of the war, Japanese planes had unpainted metal props (natural metal) with red tip stripes. Later on (around 1943) they used a red-brown primer on the props and sometimes the spinner. The primer was that color, and they left them that way, with yellow prop tips.

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