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1/72 (Airfix) IJN Mitsubishi A6M2b (ZEKE) : The Battle of Midway (2)

February 25, 2018 · in Diorama · · 21 · 2.7K

Japan's fleet that makes a surprise attack on Midway is routed by an ambushed U.S. Navy.

Japanese experienced pilots were mostly killed in the Battle of Midway, which gives them all the control of the Pacific Ocean afterwards.

The Imperial Japan had a long way to go since losing the Battle of Midway.

The conclusion of the Pacific War was decided on June 7, 1942.

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  1. Absolutely stunning Won-hui.
    A masterful build and display.
    You have these types of builds off to an art form.

  2. Dunno how ya do it, are a true "artiste", sir...both in craftsmanship AND photography!

  3. You are definitely the world expert in modeling smoke and water! Very nice dio, speaks to me!

  4. Exceptional work Won-hui. Do you use an LED light to produce the yellow/red flames?

  5. Won Hui, another masterpiece!

  6. Impressive work! After seeing this model, I went and saw your other projects, totally amazing!

  7. Won-hui Lee, you've definitely captured the moment with this one. I think we've all attempted to capture a realistic look of fire and smoke on a project, but most of us simply can't make it look right. You can ! I don't know how you do it, but it looks great. Well done !

  8. Wow! Very realistic. Absolutely amazing work.

  9. Hello Won-hui Lee,
    Master Modeler.
    Regards, Dirk

  10. Anything I would say has already been said! It's almost easy to overlook the excellent model in the middle of all this energy and tension - just milliseconds before that wingtip catches the water. Love the work you put in on the Zero.

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