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1/48th AFV Club, Sturmtiger

December 16, 2012 · in Armor · · 5 · 2.6K

I broke one of my own rules and bought this kit a short while (probably 6-8 months) back when Squadron ran a great deal on it. I had always liked the vehicle regardless of its impracticality and the real lack of need for it by the time it was created. I had also really enjoyed building the Tiger I by AFV that I posted here earlier. Plus, I just think it looks cool and the idea of a tank firing a 5ft long projectile is pretty impressive.

This kit does not really live up to the standards set by the other Tiger kits which it is based off of. The original Tiger kit parts work and fit well, but there are some issues with the new super structure. It was also frustrating that AFV gives you the front and rear glacis of the tank with the molded on zimmerit but the the main hull lower section being from the later Tiger kit without the zimmerit. So you are faced with the challenge of trying to duplicate the molded zimmerit working around all the tool locations. This was my first attempt at it, and while it is okay, it is not what I was shooting for. Still, I am generally happy with the outcome. I intend on putting some figures on it, but they may take as long as the tank did to get done.

The fence and bucket are from Tamiya, and the bird is from the Pegasus Farm Animal set. The projectiles I machined at work during lunch. I made three, one was just a stubby to plug the barrel that you can see right through. Since it was SOP to carry one in the barrel I thought it would look cool and be a good way to plug the barrel.

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  1. What an oooooooogly creepy-crawly! Good job on it though.

  2. Beautiful subdued diorama base...just enough detail to add interest, but not enough to distract from the excellent Sturmtiger...great job!

    • Thanks Marvin, I have been having fun with the base. I am trying a few new things here and there to see how it works out. The one thing I wish I had put in (and still may) is a tree in the corner where the grass is.

  3. Stunning job Walt! Beautifully finished and I love the diorama base!

  4. I got an early AFV Tiger 1 version just to get the smooth no-zimmeritt rear hull and front plates, to do it all smooth: There was only one built like that, but it can be a what if...

    I also use the tracks from the Tamiya kit, which fit the Skybow drivetrain perfectly.

    I love that Pegasus farm animal set by the way...

    Beautiful job. Thanks for sharing.


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