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I started building when I was in the fifth grade and continued through college. After that life got in the way, but I never lost the desire to build again and about 1998 I started building again. I build almost exclusively 1/48th scale aircraft and armor from WWII (especially german), because of their fun and varied camouflage schemes. Posting to this sight has been fun, and a great way to get new ideas from the feed back I receive and also seeing what others are doing.

Monogram B-24D "Sleepy / The Squaw" Bond Tour Markings in 1/48th Scale

I have always really liked the B-24 and have built a few of these kits over the years. Ungainly looking, and never getting the love from the press and many aircrews that the B-17 did, I still love it. When I was young I read a lot of [...]

Ba349A: 1/48 Natter w/Launch Tower, by Dragon Models

The brilliance and desperation of the Germans towards the end of WWII is evident in this kit. The Natter was a desperation weapon, that never made it into combat, and only 10 flew at all with a live pilot in it. The kit is Dragons [...]

ICM's 1/48th He-111Z1 Twin Bomber, Glider Tow

This has been quite the adventure, and first off I want to thank my good friend Ed for getting this kit for me. I would have to say that overall I thoroughly enjoyed this kit. This is basically two complete airplane kits in two boxes [...]

Another Year and Another Four Models

I seem destined to never complete more then four models per year. Looking back when I am building, I only seem to be able to finish four per year. I guess considering my propensity of medium and larger aircraft in 1/48th scale I guess I [...]

1/48 Bf-109G-2 Captured! Hasegawa Bf-109G-6 kit

As usual during a big build, I try to take a bit of a break and do a smaller concurrent build. I am currently building the ICM 1/48th He111Z-1 Zwilling ((link)). I was looking through my stash and found the Hobby Craft Bf109G-2 and one [...]

Me262 Night Fighter 1/48th Dragon

I finished this kit a few years back. Simply said, it is no Tamiya! I have not built a lot of Dragon model kits, but what I have built have all had the same trait. Basically subcomponents or assemblies fit together well, but when you [...]

Bf-109K-4 Hasegawa 1/48 "Yellow 13"

It's not like we don't see enough 109's here, but I know for some you can never have too many. I finished this one a while back, and really enjoyed the kit. I am not an aficionado so I cannot attest to the kits accuracy or lack thereof. [...]

Fa 223 Drache, 1/48 Special Hobby

I built this a while back and had it in its carrying case, to take to a show. Well, the drive way at our house had the same pitch as the roof, and when backing out, the model slid from one end of the case to the other. Well of course it [...]

P-61 "Nocturnal Nemesis"1/48 Great Wall Hobby

The P-61 has always been one of my favorite aircraft from WWII. When they first came out I built two of the Monogram kits and had a ball with them. I even put electric motors in one so that the props would spin. All in all I think the [...]

Bf-110G-2 ZG1, "Skeletal Hand" Revell 1/48th Scale

I have always liked the Bf-110, it just has very pleasing lines to me. While it proved a general failure as a heavy escort, it still proved to be a formidable foe in other roles. I have built this kit before under a different boxing, and [...]