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I started building when I was in the fifth grade and continued through college. After that life got in the way, but I never lost the desire to build again and about 1998 I started building again. I build almost exclusively 1/48th scale aircraft and armor from WWII (especially german), because of their fun and varied camouflage schemes. Posting to this sight has been fun, and a great way to get new ideas from the feed back I receive and also seeing what others are doing.

XP-56 Black Bullet Czech Model 1/48 Scale

I started this project 8-1/2 months ago along with an XP-55 Ascender kit. These two planes were part of a trio of planes developed from a proposal R-40C for a new type and style of fighter for the US Army Air Corps. The last of the the [...]

The Bird Dog

While working on the T-34 Mentor, I took some pictures of a new addition to the hanger, a Cessna Bird Dog. The paint scheme is fictional, but the owner has a thing for yellow so he painted it in an Air Force paint scheme replacing yellow [...]

The Beauty of Rivets

I took a break from building models to spend some time building the real thing. I worked on the restoration of an incredible gentleman's Grumman/McKinnon G-21 Goose. That ten year long project completed he is now working on a Beech Craft [...]

My Three Builds for 2022

Well 2022 was not a record year for me, I didn't even manage to build my usual four kits, but only managed to pump out three. I would like to build more, but I am not too disappointed with my production really since two of the three were [...]

Monogram B-24D "Sleepy / The Squaw" Bond Tour Markings in 1/48th Scale

I have always really liked the B-24 and have built a few of these kits over the years. Ungainly looking, and never getting the love from the press and many aircrews that the B-17 did, I still love it. When I was young I read a lot of [...]

Ba349A: 1/48 Natter w/Launch Tower, by Dragon Models

The brilliance and desperation of the Germans towards the end of WWII is evident in this kit. The Natter was a desperation weapon, that never made it into combat, and only 10 flew at all with a live pilot in it. The kit is Dragons [...]

ICM's 1/48th He-111Z1 Twin Bomber, Glider Tow

This has been quite the adventure, and first off I want to thank my good friend Ed for getting this kit for me. I would have to say that overall I thoroughly enjoyed this kit. This is basically two complete airplane kits in two boxes [...]

Another Year and Another Four Models

I seem destined to never complete more then four models per year. Looking back when I am building, I only seem to be able to finish four per year. I guess considering my propensity of medium and larger aircraft in 1/48th scale I guess I [...]

1/48 Bf-109G-2 Captured! Hasegawa Bf-109G-6 kit

As usual during a big build, I try to take a bit of a break and do a smaller concurrent build. I am currently building the ICM 1/48th He111Z-1 Zwilling ((link)). I was looking through my stash and found the Hobby Craft Bf109G-2 and one [...]

Me262 Night Fighter 1/48th Dragon

I finished this kit a few years back. Simply said, it is no Tamiya! I have not built a lot of Dragon model kits, but what I have built have all had the same trait. Basically subcomponents or assemblies fit together well, but when you [...]