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How to: Airbrush What, How & Why – Part 1. Single action airbrush

December 7, 2012 · in How-to · 2 · 2.3K

A thorough hands-on introduction to airbrushing using single-action airbrush is offered in this video by Marneus Augusta Calgar. Found on Youtube.

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  1. Wow...after watching that tutorial, I may just start usin' one of THOSE...practically impossible to mess up your model and the dreaded changing color/clean-up couldn't be easier. I'll definitely have to look into one of those. Great video...thank you.

  2. I had horrible experiences with Badger airbrushes in the late '70s. I have been a brush man since I was about 8 years old. That Iwata and acrylic paints are tempting. So many tools, so little time. Adios, Larry.

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