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PzKpfw IV Ausf.H

April 24, 2019 · in Armor · · 10 · 2K

From Author:
This is my first attempt to airbrush modelling. It is also the first tank assembled from about 16 years. It would be used into my first diorama ever (I will release it when I have time to craft it?). If you have any suggestions about how to improve my modelling feel free to comment.

PzKpfw IV (Panzerkampfwagen IV) was a medium German Tank during WWII.
The first prototype was introduced in 1936, and mass production started I 1938-45. Total production amounted to 8600 pieces.
PzKpfw IV proposed by Krupp company won the contest for the medium tank under 18 tones with the gun barrel of 75 mm announced by German Defence Department I 1934. This type of vehicle was the most extensively modified Wehrmacht tank. Version G, H and J was the most supplied. The armament of these versions included gun barrel KwK 40. From the year 1943, armoured screen (Schurzen) was mounted on the tank side. A lot of vehicles was created on the undercarriage of PzKpfw (e.g. StuG IV, tank destroyer Nashorn).
PzKpfw IV was extensively used on every front of WWII. It was also present during The Warsaw Uprising.

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  1. Considering it’s a small tank and it served as your first go at airbrush it’s fantastic.
    I’m sure the more you use it the better the results... after practice is the road to perfection they say. What AB and paint you used?

    • Thanks. It is very nice of you, especially that you are the author of very beautiful Fw.190 A-5. I used cheap (but expensive for me) Harder and Steenback with the nosal of 0,2mm. I have to admit that, a few times I had to clean the whole part because of ugly stains.

  2. nice looking Panzer IV...looks great with the reactive armor off also

  3. Łukasz, for your first attempt and the small scale that doesn't look too bad. I am probably using the same airbrush as you (H&S Infinity with a 0.2mm nozzle), and I am quite happy with it. I don't know which paints you are using, but in my experience you will get the best results with brands like Gunze, Mr.Paint or Hataka Lacquers. Water-based acrylics like Vallejo or AK can be really hard to master, and they tend to give you issues like drying on the tip and a clogged muzzle.

    The trick with all paints is to thin them really well and work with low air pressure - and take your time.

    • Thank You,
      That is quite an advice. I painted it with Vallejo model air and Hataka (but for regular brush). Buying airbrush was for me unexpected, therefore I hadn't paints dedicated for airbrush. About Gunze, Mr.Paint I heard a very good opinion (I bought Super Clear III).
      Thanks for the last sentence, it is essential:). Best regards.

  4. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Way too nice Lukasz, it would be nice to see this model on a small diorama, love the weathering.

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