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Scrach Antonov An-2 Egg-Plane

Wanted to make a biplane in Soviet painting, serial and bright. The choice is clear, that is the famous "Kukuruznik" . All the more so with the same, only in green color DOSAAF, I had the good fortune to make some jumps.

I think the technology of the model is clear from the photos. Chicken egg plus plastic materials.

9 additional images. Click to enlarge.

6 responses

  1. Spasibo! (Thank you!)

  2. Now that is just totally cool. Too bad we can't "crank it to 11" for an award here for originality.

  3. Tom, thanks for the excellent evaluation. I just love this plane. So it was easy to build.

    Spasibo, friend!

  4. Holy Fabrege. This is way better than those old gold and jeweled Russian eggs. C'est magnifique!. Adios, Larry.

  5. Larry, thank you for such a flattering assessment.

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