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Airfix Seafire XV

Having double ordered 's new scale XII & Seafire XVII & completed one of each with a great deal of satisfaction, I wondered what to do with the second pair of kits that would be more interesting than doing the same again. Fortunately, parts from the kits were absolutely interchangeable, so the Seafire XV was started. As it turned out, my references showed that the only modification required was the addition of the re-enforcing to the fuselage longerons & a set of decals from Freightdog.

I wouldn't be surprised if Airfix bring out this version in due course. The good news is that, thanks to the inclusion of the spare folding wings in the Seafire XVII kit & the other left over bits, I can even make another of these; so I will still end up with four kits even after combining two!

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  1. The only Airfix kit(s) I've ever done was their B-57/Canberra and I don't recall any "issues" with 'em. I may be mistaken, but I'd always thought that Airfix was way down the list of accurate, well-fitting kits. This example you've done proves me wrong (again). looks pretty good from here. Nice build.

    • Hi Craig,

      Thanks for the kind words. Yes indeed, Airfix were in the doldrums but they are well & truly on their way back. Fit & shape of their newer kits are excellent, as are their prices. No; I don't work for Airfix. They were the first plastic models I ever built, so I have a soft spot for them. It's just good to see one of the pioneers coming back strongly when you consider the old names that are no longer with us..

      I should add that I build most of the major kit model products as long as they're worth while..



    • I’d always thought that Airfix was way down the list of accurate, well-fitting kits

      Time to give Airfix a new try. Their newest kits are all Okay, if not quite in pair with Tamigawa in terms of fit.

      And as for the accuracy, you can't go wrong with an Airfix Spitfire - they simply make THE most accurate Spitfire kits, very much thanks to the ongoing contributions of Mr Trevor Snowden, one of the top Spitfire experts in the world, who is involved in their product development team. His eye for the subject is commendable.

  2. Great build, and I'm excited about Airfix' resurgence. If they'd only do a Lockheed Hudson in 1/48...

  3. Sharp looking Seafire! The recent improvements and expansion of Airfix release schedules are very encouraging and as you say these new Spitfires are great kits.

  4. Question to the author - whether to adjust the canopy from this model to the Spitfire from the Academy (ie the 14th Spitfire)?

    • Thank you all for your kind comments.
      Maxim, The sliding part of the canopy was straight from the Airfix Spitfire Mk. XII kit; but I cut off the fixed portion & used a bit off a Squadron vac form set as I didn't want to use Airfix's combined sliding & fixed transparencies. I've built a few Academy Spits & always thought their sliding canopy too long & the fixed part too short, so the Airfix one might not fit.

  5. Hi Tony, great job. I've got both these kits in my to do pile but don't anticipate combining them. Love the paint job.

  6. Great work! The Seafire XVII kit was the most pleasurable kit I built last year. Airfix really is a quality brand and you did a great job with these kits.

  7. Beautiful looking Seafire, Tony!

  8. Nice one Tony. I started my version of the same kit-bash over the Christmas break, so you're provided me with some inspiration to keep going now that I'm back at work. I'm impressed with Airfix's engineering of these two kits - the fit, so far, has been exceptional. What's really interesting is that the fidelity of parts in the XVII kit is far superior to the XII kit and it's really obvious when you're combining the kits. I wasn't going to add the strengthening 'straps' along the fuselage under the cockpit but now that I've seen your model maybe I will. What and how did you do that please?

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