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Eduard 1/48 I-16 type 29, pilot- Lt. P.Kharitonov, summer 1941

January 13, 2013 · in Aviation · · 16 · 2.6K

But freshly baked model, fresh from the oven :). Model in view of the company is probably not needed, all it knows. I added a some cabin equipment and replaced the vacuum canopy. Forehead etched hood, from the little-known (yet))) Russian producer Gonza. Yes, still made ​​hanging tanks.

As a prototype, I chose I-16 Lt. Peter Kharitonov. This pilot is one of the first hero of the Soviet Union at the beginning of the war, made ​​two rams, and ended the war with 14 victories.

Gunze acrylic painted model, the colors green and black bothered by eye, in a fairly similar. Decal from the firm Бегемот- 100 variants of I-16!

I hope you enjoy the model, all enjoy!

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  1. Great work as usual, Maxim.

  2. What an eye-catcher. Superb finish and details. Nice work!

  3. What Nikola and Craig said. Beautiful model, no problem giving this a "10."

  4. Maxim...Beautiful work, and I really like the weathering, particularly the prop and spinner. Both look well used.

  5. Ditto on the weathering. A Goldie Locks kit done just right.

  6. Absolutely agree, with everyone else. Simply stunning!

  7. Thank you, friends! Your comments are valuable and enjoyable.
    And yet - this year you wait at least 3 donkey, so probably the best ahead :)).

  8. Maxim, well done!

    Wonderful I-16!

  9. Another one of your very fine builds! They are good all over but the most remarkable thing about them is the crispness of all details. A feast to the eye!



  10. Awesome work! It looks great.

  11. Absolutely beautiful, the construction is clean and the colors look suitably restrained in their contrasts. Awesome Rata, Maxim.

  12. I love I-16s and this one is magnificent! Well done Maxim!

  13. your weathering is astounding

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