Hasegawa, 1:48 scale Mitsubishi F1M2, Type 0, Model 11, Observation Seaplane- "Pete"

February 27, 2013 · in Aviation · · 7 · 4.2K

This was another recent release that really is a blast to build. First attempt at a bi-plane as well.
Kit builds very nicely and is another OOB effort...again.
Painted with Model Master Enamels in early war Imperial Japanese Navy scheme. Decals are what came in the box as well, and the only additions were the paper belt harnesses and the nylon thread antenna.
A great build and really, really fun.
Thanks again!

Freddie from LI
Come on Koppos, it's Japanese, you know you want to build it...

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  1. Freddie: Nice to see you finally discovered us. Great model, makes me want to pull mine out of the closet of doom and finish it (how it got there I have no idea, certainly no issues with quality or anything, as you so clearly demonstrate).

  2. Beautiful! Forget Koppos, I want one! Theres something about progress pics that really make a subject more interesting in the end. I guess it's the build-up (no pun intended)

  3. Beautiful kit Tom and I'm sure you will have as much fun putting it together as I did. CLOSET of doom? Wow I thought I was bad with having a couple shelves...

  4. Hey Koppos is a pisser. He and I are members of the same club and we go to shows together. He's a major fan of Japanese aircraft and to my knowledge has NOT built one of these beauties...

  5. Excellent detail on that, Frederick. I like it.

  6. Wow, really liked your model!
    From which it did the wing braces?

  7. Maxim, the braces are part of the kit. They include a small PE fret that consist of the wing braces. They fit perfectly too, if I might add. Overall kit was a real please to build. Thank you for the compliment.

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