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21st Century 1:32 scale, Macchi C.202 Folgore

March 16, 2013 · in Aviation · · 11 · 4.5K

I build this kit last year, it's a Machi C.205 converted into a Macchi C.202 .
In my younger years (late '80's last century) I had build the 1:48 Tauro Models, Macchi C.202 Folgore and still have that plane. Everytime a looked at it I thought of building a 1:32 scale but the only kit available were the PCM kit and the 21st Century one. The first I found a bit expensive ( not that I didn't had the money but for some kits you just don't want to pay a certain price, had it been a Japanese plane it would have been a different story!) The second was OOP and hard to find so I bought the 21st Century Veltro instead, which is the same kit as the their Folgore, but with a different oil-cooler and converted it.
The plastic was a PITA, was un-glueable with ordinairy glue and I used loads of Tamiya extra thin to glue parts and to prepare the plastic for the putty.
The kit is build with only the cooler being scratchbuild, enlarged the wheels with Evergeen and glue since the original wheels were to small. And did a fair amount of wiring and plumbing in the wheelbays.
The kit is sprayed with Tamiya acrylics, (if my memory serves me well), sand colour and IJN green for the greens.
the bottomside is IJN grey mixed with blue. Exhaust stains are made of flat black, brown, light brown and grey. Chipping is done with Revell silver and Tamiya weathering pastels are used ( hard to see but the underside of the right wing has a larger white tip and I more weathered than the left wing). Panellines are done with Vallejo sepia wash.
Decals come from Stormo! (and are actualy for a Italian ME-109)
The wings have two different schemes, as I wanted to depict a aircraft that is "patched" up. ( like the one on the B/W pics).
The plane is not historicly correct by the way...
Build in Dutch;

Best regards;
Ulrich Schütt

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  1. Very nice Folgore.

  2. NICE job, love this airplane. Paint and weathering A+. I tried to wade thru the Pac Coast a while ago but the fit of things was just so poor I quit. BTW really like your backgrounds too.

  3. Ulrich, good work on the braille scale Folgore.. and now.. if you built the Tauro 1/48 scale C 202, you must still have a slight case of rage. I seen only one actually completed, by Pat Donahue several years back now , but he was where I deemed what actually put a face on someone I seen as an "scale Modeler" or just plain crazy. Still got one in a hidden box somewhere..

  4. I not only did the Tauro kit,. I opened it up. Never again!

    The PCM kits are indeed fiddly and needing a lot of extra effort, but they do look good when complete.

    Given what you started with in this project, you have created a beautiful model - a tribute to talent over content.

  5. Ulrich, that's a beautiful job on a plane I like very seems that with your interest in Japanese and Italian aircraft that you and I have much in common! I really liked the "bubbletop" Ki-61 Hien, but this Macchi is equally as nice. Nice work.

  6. You're a man of precision - I can only imagine the kind of concentration you needed for this camo work. And a nice concept with a replacement wing! Kudos to you, sir.

  7. Can't add much more to the other comments...really nice job, Ulrich.

    • By the way...were those individual prop blades? Maybe it's just me, or the angle of the photos, but they don't look "quite right" somehow. Forgive me if I'm in error (like THAT'S never happened), but is it possible they're on backwards..?

      • The prop were not individual. It must be the angle of the photos. ( When I looked at the photos I saw what you meant.)
        I think it's the slope ( if that's the proper word) in the blade.

        Thanks for your compliment!

  8. To all;
    thank you for your kind words!

  9. Got this kit on ebay. Veltro/Folgore are poorly represented at 1/32 and you've made a grand job of it!

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