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21st Century Toys' model kits

1/32 Spanish Bf-109F-4 from 21st Century Toys

This is a model that was built from a kit from 21st Century Toys. In case you have never heard of them, this company made "die-cast", already built and painted model aircraft in 1/32 and and 1/18 scales in the 1990s. They later [...]

21st Century Toys 1/32 Messerschmitt Bf-109 of JG 54 Geschwader Kommodore Hannes Trautloft

Here are some pictures of a model that I built several years ago. I have always liked the different colors that were used by JG 54 on the Eastern Front. I had some left over decals for some 1/32nd scale Bf-109's, and was able to piece [...]

For those who can’t afford the big Tamiya – try the 21 Century Toys Corsair

Here is the 21st Century Toys F4U-1A Corsair, done as Ike Kepford's VF-17 F4U-1A, and another one modified with the Montex conversion set to do an anonymous Marine F4U-1 "birdcage" circa the Rabaul campaign in late [...]

21st Century Corsairs

Two 21st Century Corsairs, one modified with the Montex conversion set as an F4U-1 "birdcage" Corsair, one done as Ike Kepford's F4U-1A. Both used Eduard photoetch for the cockpits and SAC metal gear legs. One major problem with [...]

21st Century Corsair

Added a quick boost seat, photo etch panel, left over trump corsair cockpit parts, left over corsair wheel well parts...O' a superscale decal I think is older than I am lol...fixed the wing sit/ resribed the fold line, wiired the engine, [...]

21st Century 1:32 scale, Macchi C.202 Folgore

I build this kit last year, it's a Machi C.205 Veltro converted into a Macchi C.202 Folgore. In my younger years (late '80's last century) I had build the 1:48 Tauro Models, Macchi C.202 Folgore and still have that plane. Everytime a [...]