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De Haviland Chipmunk Airfix 1/72

March 11, 2013 · in Aviation · · 4 · 1.8K

This is my rendition of the IAF's one and only Dh Chipmunk.When the IAF decided it needed a purpose built primary trainer they obtained an example of the Chipmunk and a Fokker s.11 to be evaluated against each other, after many flight trials the Foker was deemed the better choice based on the fact that it allowed the trainee and instructor to sit side by side as opposed to the tandem arrangement of the Chippy,they did however keep hold of the little aircraft using it as a general hack before being eventualy struck off the inventory and sold to a private buyer.

I enjoy finding pictures of rare aircraft and attempting to recreate them in kit form ,it adds another dimention to the hobby and can sometimes promote some interesting conversations at club events.The kit as I am sure most will know is tiny, about four inches long and doesn't really offer much opportunity do much more than build it OOB,the only change I made was to carefully remove the fairings to the landing gear legs to match the photo I worked from. Comments please.


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    said on March 12, 2013

    Another blast from the past. Nice to see it in different markings from the usual.

  2. I remember flying in one of those in the mid-eighties Neil.

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