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Hobbycraft Hawker Seafury 1/48

March 28, 2013 · in Aviation · · 6 · 1.9K

This is the Seafury,built mostly OOB except for the decals which are aftermarket from Hannants in the U.K. as I didn't fancy trying to paint the black and yellow Suez conflict markings that the kit decals require,I know my limitations!

I think I read somewhere that Hawkers were given a captured FW 190 to evaluate and if this is correct I think you can see a definate similarity in the lines ,does anyone know if this is true?

This is a great kit which went together well and you can get a good selection of aftermarket decals including a nice all dark blue Aussie version.

Comments please N.

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  1. Beautiful work Neil. I have one in my stash to get to someday. I love the 5 bladed prop and the sound of the Bristol Centaurus. Not many of them flying with the Centaurus here in the U.S. Still one of my favorites to see at the Chino Planes of Fame air show each year.

  2. Cheers John, Your lucky ,I've never seen one for real, I believe it was one of the most powerful single engined prop driven aircraft ever built ,one even shot down a Mig15 in korea. I did add the little whip ariel behind the canopy from fishing line but i've not yet painted in the nav lights.Thanks for looking .

  3. I believe Hawker took a close look at the exhaust system of Fw-190 to better place the Bristol Centaurus pipes under the cowling. Most Seafurys in the states have Wright-3350's stuffed under the cowlings with Skyraider props and the main wheels get swapped out for something like Saab Lansen wheels. Don't quote the wheels but, the Brit tires get swapped out.

    Yeah, the Hobbycraft build looks good and reminds me of the real thing. Seafury's are not small and are in the P-47 category.

    Two thumbs up.

  4. Well done Neil! The SeaFury was a bad-a*s alright. The Hobbycraft kit is alright, here's the one I did, Carmichael's "MiG Killer".

    cheers, Gary

    • Nice work Gary,I bought the Squadron canopy as well I gave up on it and used the kit one in the end,what mine really needs are the decals on the prop blades

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