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Pro-Modeler Fw190D-11 1/48 scale

March 25, 2013 · in Aviation · · 2 · 1.7K

This is the Pro-Modeler Fw190D-11 built straight from the box. I was planning on using a real cool Eagle Strike decal set on this one but its for a D-9 not the D-11 so I used the kit decals. I chickened out on the red bottom scheme so I went with the other one that was provided with the kit. Not sure what squadron it is. This was a real easy build...went together without a hitch. I really enjoyed this one...I figure, even if it turns out crappy, if I had fun then thats all that matters.

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  1. Don't fear the red undersides. Just paint the whole thing white, apply some thin fine-line tape, hose it down with RLM 23 and you're good to go-might be slightly wider than scale, but really close.

  2. Chris, I hope you're still modeling and doing well. This is a nice clean build of what can be a difficult kit, but this kit is at least as good as Eduard or Tamiya, maybe better. This FW was part of the Verbandführerschule des General der Jagdflieger (Group Leader School of the General of the Fighter Pilots), organized by Galland. The school was closed in April '45 and this plane was found after the war. Actually the original molds were Trimaster, then DML, still later Italeri, and were a D-9. I don't remember whether ProModeler made the changes for a D-11 or not, though the prop looks bigger than a D-9 in your photos. More recently, HobbyBoss offered a somewhat better kit. Your camouflage on the fuselage doesn't match the usually given scheme for this FW, but everything is so well done and you enjoyed doing it, so who cares. Congratulations!

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