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Italeri 1/35 M-24 Chaffee (Backdated)

Had this kit laying in the stash for quite a while. Saw the movie "Bridge at Remagen" and got inspired to build it. Funny, two months after I built this, announces it is releasing an early version Chaffee. The kit is more of a post WWII/Korean War Chaffee and I had to do a lot of correcting. I wanted to depict a recon group rushing into the outskirts of the city towards the bridge at Remagen.

11 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Seamus... Nice looking armor diorama and great looking figures.
    Well done.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with Jack...great work in all regards. Nice job!

  3. Stunning diorama, I wish my painting skills ever get this good. Thanks for sharing

  4. The Diorama is very nice no doubt but I want to comment on the photography. I think you have captured the seen really well and the pictures are nice and sharp.

  5. The photography is purely accidental. I use a cheap Nikon digital camera that my spouse received as a Christmas gift. My spouse gave me a crash course in how to use it and my only concern is to get whatever it is I am photographing to stay in focus. For every good photograph I take, I must delete two or three. As far as my painting skills...well I did attend art school when I was younger. Art school turned out to be a whole lot of bollocks so I ended up becoming a Registered Nurse instead. I do a little canvas work now and again for kicks, but prefer to apply my painting to models overall. I do not use any fancy techniques, I pre-shade, base coat, pastel, pinwash, drybrush, and seal. I do not even use

    a fancy airbrush, all my models are painted with an Aztec airbrush. I do own two Iwata airbrushes but prefer the Aztec as it is very easy to clean and maintain. The only thing I did different on this work was use oil paints for shading and highlighting on the figures and stowage. Not bad for my first time out but I still have a lot to learn. Anyway, I am happy with the results.

  6. That is a beautiful piece of work. I love the figures and being a 1/48th builder it is the one thing I do miss about our scale. We suffer from a lack of figures that 1/35th scale seems to have an endless variety of. I lack he skills in both painting and posing but I do like to add them to my builds for adding scale and interest. You did a wonderful job on your kit and figures.

  7. Well, Walt you are partly right. My preferrred scale is 1/48 and in the past, good figures in 1/48 have been hard to come by. Now that 1/48 has become more popular in both armor and aircraft, new 1/48 figure lines seem to be popping up all over. Have you tried the web-store Lots of really good 1/48 figures for sale there. Mostly armor figures but they do carry the Dartmoor line which is dedicated to aircraft modeling. You should pick up the old DML/Dragon 1/48 Luftwaffe Day Fighters figure set. The torsos in this set are absolutely horrendous, but the heads are the most beautifully sculpted I have ever seen. I used one of those heads on the figure that accompanies my Tamiya 1/48 Spitfire which I have recently posted here. Otherwise, I use and convert the figures that come with a lot of the Monogram aircraft kits. Those figures are the best 1/48 figures I have ever seen.

    • Back in the day, before the "foreign invasion" took hold, Monogram (in my opinion) was THE best kit out there. Even now, if I come across an 'old' Monogram a/c kit - especially their "century series", I usually grab it [for parts, if nothing else] if the price is right.

      • No doubt about Monogram kits. The first kit I purchased when I got back into the hobby was the 1/48 Monogram FW-190. That is because it was last last kit I had built before taking a 15 year hiatus from the hobby. Still one of my favorites. Loved their 1/48 P-51B Mustang also, not to mention their P-40C and Hurricane kits. Oh, and that marvelous 1/48 Mosquito. The memories...

  8. Superior, tight, clean work. Great results.

  9. Really nice work - that Chaffee is one of my favorite creepie-crawlies.

  10. astounding clarity ton your work

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