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Wild Deuce (and a half)

April 22, 2013 · in Armor · · 14 · 2.1K

In all honesty, I had not planned on doing a diorama. It just sort of happened! I actually planned on doing a well detailed "Deuce and a Half" with one figure standing beside her but things soon got out of hand. 1874 toothpicks and three years (working on and off)later, I had four vehicles, seven figures, and a bunch of other stuff into the final project. And would'nt you know it? I spend two months kit-bashing the ancient & Harley Davidsons into something decent, then Mini-Art releases a new tooled version of the WLA a few weeks later. I can't win...

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  1. Very cool and the leading photo (and your figure painting skills) is fabulous. An inspiring piece!

  2. The attention to detail is amazing...very nice job (and photos).

  3. Nicely done, I wish I could paint figures well enough that it wouldn't be embarrassing to put them out. I like your scene, it is simple yet conveys the story...the spoils of war, and the Americans on the move. Well done.

  4. I guess we're just going to have to nickname you "Dioramaman" 🙂

    Very nice!

  5. Either that or "The Norman Rockwell of Three Dimensions"

  6. You are making me feel seriously inadequate. Great composition & follow through.

  7. Wow details, details. That is some sharp. Almost hear the engines running. Some of the best face-painting I've seen, too.

  8. Thanks for the compliments, lads. I think you are all a bit overly kind about my figure painting skills though. Take a second look at my figures, then ask yourself if they could stand alone. Not really, right? But that is okay, I am not a figure painter, nor do I have any aspirations of becoming one. To me, figures are a necessary after thought. Just a little extra "Ooomph" and nothing more. I use very simple techniques and methods to paint a figure that will enhance my model but not take away from it's focus. I am thinking about posting my face-painting techniques here very soon. Once you see how easy it is to paint faces, you will not find my figures so intimidating.

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    said on April 23, 2013

    Excellent diorama with great attention to detail. Have you see/read Shep Paine's books on the subject? Your work is reminicient of his. I would love to have the skills to complete a dio like your one. Big thumbs from me Seamus.

  10. Your diorama captures the feeling of being a soldier in the field using machinery and equipment to perform a job together. You have encapsulated that feeling for me. It brings back memories of other people and other times and places. Adios, Larry

  11. Larry,
    First, thank you for your service! I hope all the feelings and memories that my peice evoked in you are good ones.

    I consider Shep Paine to be the forefather of scale modelind. I still have the four page color pamphlet that came with the Monogram Stug IV I purchased in the 1970's. I have his books and still consult them regularly

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