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Accurate Miniatures 1/48 Flight 19 "Avenger"...lost in the triangle

May 29, 2013 · in Aviation · · 13 · 2.3K

Lt. Charles Taylor...flight leader
my dad was a navy Lt. stationed at NAS Pennsacola 1945...and was involved in the search

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  1. Very nice weathering, finish & detail(s)...good work, Bob

  2. Good looking Avenger. Nice, tight build. Good paintwork.

  3. Nicely done, have this in the stash. If it's like the other AM kits, it is a nice challenge to build. And though it does get fiddly, still very satisfying when finished. And no one that I know has ever said it was unbuildable. I have the old KMC wing fold set that I will eventually start someday. I've had the kit for a long time in the stash. Need to get motivated to build once getting some other projects off the bench.

    Fly Navy

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    said on May 30, 2013

    Amazing Avenger Bob. Paint job is great! I love how you have given it a faded finish, which i find hard to do for one colour schemes. Nice sharp photos too. Its good you showed all the detail on the undersides. Great build.

  5. Bob, this is really great. Can you give me some idea of how you achieved the finish? Thanks, George

  6. This is one very nice plane! Nice paintjob! Nice fading/ weathering of the paint! It shows the TLC you've put in the plane...

  7. Nice Work Bob, I like the finish you achieved on the kit. Really breaks up the monotone blue. Looks like you did a good job building it too, a good canvas always enhances the paint job. Well done.

  8. Bob,
    This is beautiful. I really like the way that you did the overall color scheme and your weathering effect is very good. Having done a couple of these kits I know what goes into them and you have mastered this one.

  9. Beautiful TBF/M Bob! How is that kit to build? I have one in the stash ...

    • it's not the easiest build jamie...the landing gear must be built with extreme care...none of the glass fit every little window had to be filed down...the canopy and windscreen had to be tacked in with superglue it didn't just lay down so you want to dip it in future for sure...there is a lot of glass so you want to use a hot knife...i heat my blade with a bic...the ball is a stupid 2 piece affair and one side of the seam is on a clear unpainted part...the ball is a dog fight to get in you have to shoe horn it in...i suggest building and painting the ball completely and covering with a sandwich bag and installing it before you close the fuselage halves up...the nose is separate from the fuselage...don't put the nose together then add to the fuselage or you'll have a big step...align and attach half the nose and half the fuselage together before you put the fuselage halves together on any AM kit...the rockets and torpedos did not come with it that is a separate AM kit with a tractor...the tail wheel mount stinks...i built it in 7 days or 40 hours...i loved every minute of it...the engine cockpit bomb bay and interior is an absolute gem...i wish i had photoed the engine before installation...i've got a hobbyboss in the closet...the critics claim it's more accurate but you've got those darn folding wings to deal with if you don't want them folded on the HB

  10. I do like that , I have a couple of those and I was considering recreating the opening scene from 1977's Close Encounters of the Third Kind where the flight show up in the Mexican desert , I just need to learn how to customize some figures. Any Suggestions?

    • i actually have not seen the movie believe it or not i don't believe in would have cracked up in a major city by now murphys law...but i did like twilight zone...i'd think you could go to toys-r-us and get tons of strange figures of aliens from the star wars series and such...they could be bigger or smaller...i like the guy with the alligator nose...and tamiya and verlinded have pilots...i think it's a very cool idea...i loved the movie where the zeros showed up against the modern carrier...some how i do believe in time warp...einstein did and he was usually right...don't forget the cactus

    • i watched the scene on you tube...first of all they were not three tone scheme...the movie showed them in three and two tone dark gull grey over light gull grey and even they would have
      had the star and blue ball not the star and bar...sigh...hollyweird

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