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33 - 1/24 ESCI Ferrari SWB Rally

April 18, 2023 · in Automotive · · 28 · 0.7K

Roooooar - what a stunning classic this on is and man with decals - holy moly what a gorgeous car, I loved this build.

So when I had the opportunity for this beast I jumped at it - Painted and added a bit of extras to the engine, but with that big pan over it not much can be seen. I also got some wheels aftermarket and man are they beautiful wheels - really added a lot to the finished car.

Had a disaster with the windscreen - wouldn't fit nicely, it is a one piece for all the windows so I had to cut it up into parts to fit, but it wouldn't stay in so I decided to hit it with some superglue and kicker, boy did I learn my lesson. CRACK, that stuff gets Nasty, cracked up the window luckily only a tiny part that is visible, and no I'm not going to tell you where.

Couldn't find the right blue so eventually painted it in Tamiya X-13 Acrylic Metallic blue, which actually finished off way better than I would have thought.

A really beautiful car and honestly you don't have to have much modelling skills to make it look amazing, the car's beauty does that, you could just put the bare plastic body over the chassis and have a stunner.

I hope you enjoy - I definitely did.

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  1. Looks great, I love that color!

  2. You’ve got to love a Ferrari GTO, and this one is fabulous, Anthony, that colour really suits it, and the wheels set it off beautifully.

  3. Love this one, Anthony. The blue is perfect.

  4. Belissimo, Anthony.

  5. Looks very realistic

  6. Belissimo indeed, Anthony!
    Two thumbs up!

  7. A beautiful Italian stallion, Anthony @anthonyricco
    The blue color does indeed suite this car perfectly.
    Well done.

  8. Gotta admit, your 250 GTO is a beauty in blue.
    Good choice on the spoked wheels!

  9. Lovely work Anthony !
    I knew someone that had a ( Dino ) Ferrari. What a handmade piece of craftsmanship it was !

  10. Awesome subject & paint scheme. Liked.

  11. Really nice build and I like the color, but really have to say those wheels are incredible!

  12. Looks great, gotta love those old Ferraris !

  13. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Nice clean, sharp and very colorful model of this Ferrari Anthony.
    The paint work is well applied and a joy too see.

  14. @anthonyricco - Sorry I'm late to this party Anthony! This build turned out beautifully. There is no visible damage to any of the glass that I can see. I also found out on the Ford GT that Rustoleum gloss black will fog the glass behind the masking stickers. Only Tamiya sprays on glass parts from now on.

  15. Awesome! I love 50s and 60s sports cars. Beautiful job.

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