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Fujimi F-14A Tomcat 1/7nd, VF-41 Black Aces

May 17, 2013 · in Aviation · · 9 · 3K

Finally a Navy jet. Of course in my opinion, still my all time favorite. The Grumman F-14A . This is the excellent kit, builds just as nice as the Hasegawa kit, just not as fussy to build. The wings are designed to be in the open with full flaps and slats down position. Since I was not in the mood to close all that up, I swapped in the Academy fully closed up wings and they dropped right in. This sqdn particitpated in Desert Storm in 1991. Flying off the USS Theodore Roosevelt. Along with it's sister squadron VF-84 "The Jolly Rogers". Overall gloss Lt Gull Grey, was on the CAG bird, Typical load out at this point of the war of 4 AIM-9L on the wing glove rails, no AIM-7,s and two AIM-54C Phoenix on the pallets. In reality it would be unfair to say that this is easier to build the Fujimi kit over the Hase one, as I haven't built one yet, and I have built 2 of these. With 4 Hase 's in the stash with 3 more Fujimi's and an Academy Tomcat. To go along with the 4 in 48th scale. This is part of the DS line of aircraft I was building a lifelong project, which I have completed several in this scale. This was build mainly out of the box, no cockpit detail set used, decals are from Super scale. The scheme was applied using Xtracolor enamels. Lays down nicely, hard to get now have to find elaborate ways to replace colors that have used up from the tinlets. Thanks for looking,

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  1. Excellent build on this bird. Got to admire people who can build more than one of the same thing. If I get one done I'm doing good.

    • For a time (very short time) was going to just stick to Naval air from WWII to present. Mostly 48th scale. Some 72nd scale, and maybe a couple of 32nd (have the Academy Hornet and Tamiya F-4). Then Desert Storm happened, and everything changed. So if it interests me, I will eventually build it. My stash has grown.

      Fly Navy

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    said on May 17, 2013

    Great Tomcat Chuck - love the markings on this one.

  3. i like it (and clicked such - :))

  4. Nice job Chuck. I too have built the Fujimi kit and its a nice build. Really doesn't look all bad unless you throw down a Hasegawa Tomcat next to it. And even then, it's a fussy build. Only gripe i have against the Fujimi kit are the annoying ejector din marks, and the landing gear attachment is very weak.

    • That I have now beginning to experience with this Tomcat. It is now in the shop for repairs. The nose gear did not fair well on our last move from storage to the new house. I am going have to replace it. Also lost the canopy and the sidewinder missiles. The Academy kit has donated the missiles and launch rails on the port side. So it will be awhile before I have her back on the shelf with her brethren.

      Fly Navy

  5. very nice very clean looks great

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